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Reviews and Complaints

Greater Dayton YMCAover charged bank account for memebership fee refuse to credit account

I was quoted a monthly membership fee of $20.38 and agreed to an automatic bank withdraw from my checking account. When the bank withdraw was made $52.55 was charged to my account. When I contacted the corporate office and the membership director at the Y, they refused to credit my account back the difference. They have ignored follow up emails, voice mails, etc. and have also been disrespectful and rude. I signed nothing stating authorization of a charge of $52.55.

  • Ha
    [email protected] Sep 01, 2018

    My hours were cut unjustly

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  • Vi
    Victorialyn1982 Sep 04, 2018

    My child has been a member of the Perry YMCA in League City for 8+ years. This was the first and only season that I have reached out with a complaint. Marcos Santana didn't seemed very worried about my concerns. I was given (what I consider) an unprofessional response as well.
    There is a paper trail. This was all done by email.

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  • Re
    Rebeca Lozneanu Sep 11, 2018

    Every time I go into the steam room it smells like straight up sweat. Someone please deep clean this steam room. It is very dirty and it doesn't look like it has been cleaned in a while. I just joined the YMCA and this is a very bad first impression to a new person.

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  • Li
    Lindaskylee Nov 12, 2018

    Please login to the Cadillac, Michigan Facebook account and read my review there. It's under Linda Stricklen Sykes. Too long to write and I already spent too much time on this.

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