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Reviews and Complaints

Sonic Drive-Incustomer service

On July 18, 2019 Friday around 8pm
Usually we get a good experience from any of the workers, whether it be drive through, the drive in, etc.
However, I have to say Kayla who took our order from the drive in was VERY rude. She sounded like she was irritated and didn't want to be taking our order. We told her we wanted cheese fries but she pressed in cheese tots, so we repeated ourselves saying, "sorry that was cheese fries not tots" instead of saying anything or apologizing for her mistake, you could practically feel her eye roll through the speaker because she was extra rude from that point on with short responses or no response. Then at the ending we asked for mozzarella sticks, but before we could ask to add marinara sauce, she ended the order and it changed to the paying screen. That was a first for us to have any of the workers do that.

However, our carhop guy Kevin was extraordinary. We get him as our carhop often and he never disappoints. Always a positive attitude, always happy to help & always pleasant to have him serve us! He deserves five stars alone! I hated that I had to ask him to go back and get marinara sauce because of Kayla's poor customer service.

Even though our cheese fries ended up having just cold slices of cheese on it, barely melted and our cheese sticks were cold, Kevin's customer service made the experience a lot better in the end.