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Marshalls - Store manager Carlos/ sales advocate, ladies fitting room. Both were very rude.

Port Chester, NY. Saturday 7/22/23

An employee at the ladies fitting room had several comments that were rude towards my daughter and me. We actually followed the policies about how to handle the amount of clothes allowed. As soon as I arrived, she organized 10 pieces for me to try and insisted that I already had 10, like insisting for me to walk in the fitting room. I said I needed to separate some that are for my daughter which I did. Later, she told my daughter, who put 10 outfits twice on the rack to be counted before getting inside the fitting room (we followed the policies), that the problem was that my daughter was not the only customer, as stating that she did put too many or did something wrong which she did not. We just wanted to try outfits which we returned in a hanger. We did not derserve these bad comments from an employee.

Not only the above happened, but the manager, Carlos, went to talk to my daughter as soon as she finished trying the last outfit and when I was not there but at the register. The manager and the employee at the fitting room "made sure" my daughter understands the policies of not taking more than 10 items at the time to try which we never did and insisted that I was not listening to the employee, etc. The manager implied that I was not having good manners and not following the policies of the store. They never spoke to me but they communicated negative remarks about me to my daughter who did not know very well what had happened and ended up apologizing as her way to ensure that we did not have any intention of not respecting the rules of the store.

This seems to me a toxic situation. I realized today that people working at Marshalls must be very frustrated persons who easily accuse customers of ridiculous things. The thing is, I spent over $800.00 today and instead of offering us some kindness and customer service skills like other stores, they simply treated us in a rude way. The employee was really rude but the manager was not less rude giving me a bad look just because I said that I was being treated in a rude manner. Do these people get angry because someone tries several outfits and then buys a lot of stuff? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Their reaction is absurd. I honestly decided I don't want anything to do with the store anymore. I will be returning all I bought tomorrow and with my money back I will go to another store where my family and I can be treated with the respect that we deserve, and actually where I find better quality for clothes and shoes. I certainly won't miss Marshalls. By the way, if Carlos the manager of Port Chester treats customers in such a horrible way, no wonder why 4 cashiers recently did quit, and the store is in need of anyone to start working right away.( As I read, they literally invite people with no necessary experience). I guess the incident today is just a reflection of the very bad nature of Marshall's structure as a corporation and specifically the store at Port Chester.

Desired outcome: Apology and customers to know what kind of store managers and employees Marshalls had, ones who are rude and ridiculously accusatory.

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