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Reviews and Complaints

Crunch Fitnesswater fountains

the water fountains upstairs have been broken for MONTHS. one of them doesn't provide enough power, the other is literally boiling hot.

yesterday, they finally put a sign up saying DO NOT DRINK. so now all the water fountains, 4 total, upstairs and downstairs, were inoperable.

the problem is how the staff handled this issue. for a member to have to PAY for water is ridiculous. i have emailed them a complaint and just received a bounce back. again, the point isn't about the money but how the management handled this situation.

1. water fountains have been [censored]ed up for MONTHS.
2. for whatever reason they put a sign up (not safe to drink or being fixed) they should have provided an alternative, water cooler or whatever
3. no water cooler - then dont charge for water when it is obviously a safety issue

- [protected]

Crunch Fitnessmanagement

My debit card information was under another member account without my permission since October of 2018 . The Account was open to an individual who I never referred to the Gym, As I inform the Assistant Management (RichmondHill NewYork location) I only referred my mother on November 2018 whose personal information is being use an this individual account. I've being aCrunch fitness member for over a few years I'm upset for the lack of caring crunch fitness in Richmond Hill Queens Location has for its members personal information . Also at the beginning of the year I was charge 3 times bank account . The charges were all different price $13.53 $ 15.52 Nd $