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Reviews and Complaints

CVSstaffing shortages

I just left this same complaint with the customer service agent at the 800 number but want to make sure someone actually sees/hears it.

My store is # 1781 in Lynbrook, NY. First let me say this is not a complaint about the store staff who are all very nice and helpful.

This has to do with staffing issues at the pharmacy. For the last few months there has been only one person helping customers at the counter, on the phone and at the drive up window. This person is running around like a trying to do the job of two or more people. In the past there was always the pharmacist, a person helping the pharmacist and two people at the counter helping customers. I guess corporate has decided the try to make more profit at the expense of their customers' time.

Exactly how much more money does this company need to make? I've been told that the issue is that corporate cut both staff and hours.

Quite a number of my relative and friends have had the same issues at their local stores and are as disgusted as I am with how this company is taking advantage of both their workers and customers.

Both Walgreens and Rite Aid have local stores and from what I can ascertain from others, they do not have this issue at their stores.

I've been a CVS customer for many years, but why would I stay loyal to a company that does not care about their customers?????

  • Updated by Maria DeMaio · Jan 15, 2020

    See complaint above

  • Updated by Maria DeMaio · Jan 15, 2020

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