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Reviews and Complaints

Boston Market verified

Employees attitude and customer service skills

I'm a frequent customer of Boston market. Every time I go to this one particular location the employees are very rude and disrespectful. Every single time I have to speak with a manager and I shouldn't have to constantly go thru that. This is my 5th time reaching out trying to speak to someone and no one has yet to call me back I can be reached at [protected] or via email [protected]

Boston Market verified

prime rib

On Friday, February 14, 2012 my fiance and I went to Boston market To get a prime rib dinner in the past to prime rib dinner has been excellent to us so we figure we go there and get a prime rib dinner when we arrive the guy the cook that was cooking food with black glasses look like he did not wanna be there and he did not wanna cook food When we received a meal and brought it home it wasn't cooked well at all the quality of the prime rib was terrible it seem like it was just a slab on meet. I have been to Boston market several times but that is the worst experience that I had Please respond to me to email my email address is [protected]