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474 Hackensack Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601
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Suly Andrade
78 points
15 hours ago
Worst experience ever! If I could rate Ray, Dan and Jess personally it would be lower. What was suppose to be a simple purchase of four new tires turned into damaging my tire censor and an opportunity that was unsuccessful to have my struts replaced. Please keep in mind early that morning on 7/20/2019 I had already taken my vehicle in to the dealership for a 50k inspection and an oil change. The dealership went over the report and their findings. The only recommendations given to me was to replace my tires and to get a new battery on my next visit. I paid I left and on my way home I decided to stop in at the Mavis located in Hackensack. Biggest mistake ever!!! What should have been 4 new tires and an alignment became much more. Please keep in mind I arrived at 8:45-9 and did not get my vehicle back until 5pm. Ridiculous tbh... I get a call from Dan stating that I need new struts. I stood my ground and stated that I didn't need new struts the dealership had checked my struts and there was no need. I was questioned by Dan and Ray as if I had no clue to what I was talking about. The nightmare was just starting to unfold. Not only were all four tire filled to 50 PSI when the recommended PSI is 35 they broke my tire censor. Brought my vehicle back the next day and was once again questioned and told by Dan, "How would you know if your censors aren't bad?" I have never had an issue with my tire censors before. Once at the establishment I was met by Jess the "manager " on duty. Not only is she abrasive, she refused to listen to what happened and the level of service I experienced the day before, she refused to address me directly and decided to use one of the mechanics to speak to me while standing next to her. Extremely unprofessional to say the least but kept insisting that I was responsible without properly looking into my tire. I leave with this tire censor flashing filled with anxiety and frustration because I don't rely on this vehicle solely but my daughter does to. I take care of my vehicle not only for my safety and daughter's safety but with everyone I share the road with. Filled with regret and questioning myself. Why? I called my dealership on Monday morning and scheduled an appointment. Explain everything that happened. Brought in my vehicle and I kid you not. If i could post the censor they handed over to me you'd be in shock. I was handed a broken censor put back together by tape. I couldn't not believe the lack of integrity, moral fiber this established has. I should be able to get honest service. I should not have to be taken advantage of so that you can squeeze more money out of me. I should not have to ask a man to come with me so that I am treated fairly and with honesty. I will never recommend the Mavis located in Hackensack, NJ. I will never allow another Mavis to touch any of my vehicle even if it was the last place I could bring in my vehicle. #neveragain #dishonest #shady #damaged #broken #anxiety

damaged sensor