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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree Customer Service — unethical work behavior


I had to wait in line today at the Dollar Tree in Styretown in Clifton NJ store 3101 around 2 PM today. Michelle who was working in aisle 2 decided to open her register and took take her friend behind me when I was next in line. Playing favorites at work is not very professional or wise.

This is how I know the cashier is named Michelle. Michelle called out to the lady in back of me to go to her register and the other one said thanks Michelle. I told both of them it is not right. I feel I was cut off in line. The cashier Michelle did not give me special attention; she was rather cold. Of course they had to hold up the line with extra small talk.

I have health problems and having to wear a mask and heavy outer covering is very uncomfortable. In this situation with the Corona-virus epidemic your cashiers should be trained to move faster with less small talk. Maybe consider timing the cashiers. Some of them are extremely slow.

Michelle's friend started yelling @ me because of the cashier Michelle, not making her wait her turn.
A fight almost broke out. People in the line behind me started running their mouths too. Maybe you could train your cashiers to be ethical and go by who is next in the line not by who they know and like.
Christine Parra