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Reviews and Complaints

Woodsprings Suiteshotel

I came back from a night out around 1AM only to find that my key to get into even the lobby was no longer working. The front desk was unstaffed and the service numbers displayed next to the service phone didn't have anyone pick up. Even the "contact us" page of the hotel acknowledges that it isn't monitored 24/7 and a response "isn't guaranteed". I'm going to have to sleep outside in the grass of the hotel I paid for.

I have a job to do in the morning, and nobody will be here to let me in before I'll be late. I came back with plenty of time to get a good night's rest, only to find I was locked out with no working means to contact somebody to assist me. If you stay at this hotel, don't leave between 9PM and 7AM or risk being locked out with no way of getting in if your key doesn't work. Even just having it near credit cards can make a hotel key malfunction. I'm homeless for the night in a city I don't know because this place doesn't have a guest hotline that works after 11PM. At least the grass is soft (though wet)!