Americas Best Value Inn

1015 U.S. 82, Indianola, MS, 38751, US
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Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Innroaches

When I first made it to the hotel I was here for about an hour...I didn't bring no bags just me, myself, and I up. That's when I seen a roach, so I got up to kill it...a couple of minutes later i seen another one, after that it was another one...I killed them as i seen them...they changed my room number to 207 I had left and ran to the store when I came back I seen a roach crawling up the wall. I went downstairs to show the people the video of the roach in BOTH of the rooms. They argued me down saying I brung them from my house and they were being very rude towards me...I paid $55 for the hotel because i am a LOYAL customer i be here majority 3 times a week and i never seen one prior to today. i asked for half of my money back which was $25 and he didn't want to give me that...i asked could he at least come spray something he didn't want to do that either...i asked to refund me my whole money and i will leave i guess that wasn't an option either...I asked for the head number and he wouldn't give it to me he said we own America's Best Value Inn...