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Reviews and Complaints

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I have went in to this location on multiple occasions and each time I talk to a different person, they all tell me different information and policies. When the television set was first delivered there was issues with me giving them my ID, which was no problem but they didn't ask for it when I was in there earlier that day; they waited until I was at work and when they delivered it and then took it back. HUGE INCONVENIENCE, I shouldn't have to go in 3 times in one day to get one thing completed.
Now on October 7th, my first payment is due and my autopay didn't go through over the weekend, I called first thing this morning and told them I would be in to pay ONE WEEK and update my autopay because there was an issue with my card, my pay day isn't until 2 days away and then I would be in to pay another 2 weeks on top of that. They told me it would be $30 for a 2 week period to get me to the 19th of October, but it was okay if I only paid one. When I arrived at the store to pay, "Brock" told me I wouldn't be able to pay only one week and that they would have to come pick up if I didn't pay the full $30. I tried to give him $20 of the $30 and he refused to take my payment. I am disappointed and furious to say the least. This is unprofessional and no way to do business.
If customers are not able to pay weekly, why are they quoted weekly prices? My pay date is only 2 days away and he refused my payment I did have for the week that is due. ONLY one week is due!