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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingthe district manager

I took a bunch of my camp kids over the past summer in to get ice cream cones they put all of the ice cream cones plus my fries and shake on a tray. They then came and told me that it was all on the tray on the counter. While trying to carry all of the ice creams without dropping them to the kids one started to fall over. when I try to stop the ice cream from falling off the tray a water got knocked into my purse destroying stuff in my purse including causing water damage to my work phone my phone and my vape that was in my purse. one of the workers actually seen the water come out of vape whenever I opened it I was trying to dry everything nobody offered any help to try to clean up the mess. And when Roger finally contacted me about the issue he said he had to go through insurance to see what they could do about it. when I called the complaint line they said that he said he tried to take care of the issue and I refused what he had proposed. He has not tried to contact me since the first initial contact except that same day when he sent an email so that I could email him the information. I sent him an updated email which he has never responded to. I have left messages in which he has not responded.