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Reviews and Complaints

Ford verified

sales department bait and switch

Went in Tuesday January 21st to test drive vehicle and get written trade in evaluation on my vehicle. Came back Saturday January 25th and informed them I wanted to do the deal. However instead of giving me there original trade in offer off $55, 000 they now stated my truck was worth $50, 000. Very shady and deceitful sales practice. I'm surprised they did bait and switch tactic now that a person wanted to do the deal, but I went down the street to get a better deal. Very shady to give written trade in evaluation offer, but 4 days later say no we can't do that deal. This is one dealer I would never do business with and customers should be aware and stay away. The must think a person isn't smart to think that's alright to do. Luckily there are honest dealers out there and did buy a vehicle from a competitor that gave me better pricing. I'd stay as far away from this dealer as possible.