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Reviews and Complaints

awful service

I am frequent customer of AutoZone. My husband and I have a mobile mechanic service and I am continually amazed by horrible customer service at every store I go to except one. The people working there treat you as if you're bothering them and you're the stupidest person on the face of the earth. I've been a loyal customer of AutoZone for many years. I spend hundreds of dollars with them each month. I've experienced many incidents here and there ranging from rude employees, being sold incorrect parts for vehicles, poor customer service, etc. But my last few weeks' experiences have taken things to a new level. I bought a starter only to find out the starter they sold us was faulty. Even after testing it on the machine in the store. It had a long crack running down the side and manger kept insisting it was good. Just as usually they only had one in stock so we had to drive all the way over to another store to go through the explanation all over again and exchange it after 20 mins of trying to convince the parts manager of that store.

At the same time I purchased the starter I purchased a valve cover gasket set for v6 engine which came with two of the same gaskets in the box that would only fit the front valve cover. So off we go to yet another store to try and get correct gasket for the other side because of course they only have one in stock because the gaskets are special order. It's like I have nothing better to do than drive all over from store to store wasting time and money. But those two incidents don't even compare to what I had to go through over a simple tool rental. I rented 3 tools and had to go through hell to get my money back. I returned 2 of the tools with no problem. When it came to the 3rd rental the manager tried to tell me I had already gotten my money back and took the tool from me... only to send me back to another store where I originally rented them to start with. After 3 days of chasing around the store manager because according to every other manager he was the only one who could give me back my money. He treated me so poorly. I could hardly believe he was the store manger. He refused to listen to what I saying and kept telling me it had nothing to do with the situation. He refused to acknowledge that someone in his store had made a big mistake and implied that I received the money back already. He told me that there was no way he could return something he didn't have in his store even though his inventory was incorrect.

In the end, after more than an hour of standing there, he discovered there was some type of mistake in the computer that was voided. I didn't even get apology or sorry for the inconvenience. When I proceeded to ask for the number to corporate he wanted to know why and his whole attitude changed. He told me that he took care of the problem and asked why I should want to call corporate. Hmm... maybe because you treated me like dirt?? Needless to say I never got the number. After searching the AutoZone website the only number I was able to locate was customer service who directed me to a district manager who was very unprofessional and still didn't even offer and apology. The only thing I got was a why didn't you call sooner and I'll check into it and call you back. I can see why some people only shop at Advance Auto Parts and other auto part retailers. If anyone has a number to the corporate office or an email address for complaints feel free to send it my way...

  • Az
    AZ Corp Dec 15, 2008

    I work at the Corporate office for AutoZone located in Memhis, TN. One of my responsibilities is to scan the internet for all incidents concerning AutoZone. Today is the 1st time I have come across this particular complaint site. I apologize it has taken so long for someone to reply to situation. Please send me an email at [email protected] with the location of the stores where the service was less than stellar and any names of employees you can remember. AutoZone like every retailer is built on customers, AutoZone strives for excellent customer service to everyone that enters our store. I would like to opologize for the service or lack of you may have been expierencing in our stores.

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  • Co
    cooter Feb 14, 2009

    My question is, why is a person than owns a mobile mechanic service "renting tools" in the first place? Shouldn't they buy the tools they need to do a job with? And if they are concerned at all about their own customer's satisfaction, why are they using Auto Zone parts in the first place? Anyone with any experience with them knows that most parts purchased there are going to fail sooner instead of later.

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  • Da
    David Coomer Jun 28, 2010

    I am writing this letter in complaint with the Auto Zone Store in Glasgow KY 42141.
    I went there to buy a can of the A/C Fluid.
    When I bought the fluid I went out to my vehicle and attached everything as instructed, When I begin to let the fluid into the vehicle the can popped on the top of the can. Then in that process I lost every bit of A/C coolant that was in my vehicle, as well [censor] the vehicle sucking in so much air it busted my A/C compressor and both the High and Low Switches for the A/C unit. This was confirmed from the A/C technician at Big O Tires next door to Auto Zone.
    There was two employees there that seen this happen, two young males. I walked into the store to let them know of the situation. They gave me a refund on the can. Well me and the manager that was on site that day had a few words because I believe that it was Auto Zones fault that this had happed do to faulty equipment that they sale.
    He told me that if I went to Big O Tires and talked to there A/C technician that is right next door and if they said that this problem accord because of the can popping then he would replace the high and low switches for me and he did. I had to pay Big O Tires $70 just to check this out and fill my Jeep back up with A/C fluid. Well I have notice that the A/C would work and the stop working randomly driving down the road. So I took the Jeep back to Big O Tires to find out what would be cause this problem. So they tested my Compressor and told me that the compressed had been blown as well. From my understanding the way they explained it to me was that there is a smaller compressor that kicks in for the larger compress inside the Compressor its sell. ( if you can understand that line I just wrote) He said the reason the A/C compressor would work sometimes but not others is because the compressor would build up pressure and the compressor inside the compress was blown and would not let off any pressure that was need and this is why my Compressor was acting the way it did and cutting out.
    This coasted me another $70.
    I called Auto Zone to see how much a new Compressor was for my vehicle and they told me around $250. I don’t have that kind of money to go and buy that. I ask the A/C tech what I should do and he said for now go to a junk yard and get one that works and file a complaint with Auto Zone and get my parts replaced and my money back that I am out on. I completely agree with him. This should have never happen. I went to the junk yard today and bought a used A/C Compressor and it coasted $40.
    In the morning I have an appointment to have my A/C charged again with the used Compressor I had bought from a junk yard. This is going to coast me another $70.
    I am kindly asking that Auto Zone please replace the A/C Compressor and the coast of me having to continuously have my system Drained and Filled 3 times at $70 for each visit at Big O tires.
    My A/C worked fine before I went to Auto Zone that day. I went in the store and ask about how to make my A/C colder because it was hot outside and I have a one year old son that drives in my vehicle with me. He showed me some A/C coolant that was suppose to boost our A/C and make it colder. He said to take the Gage that it came with the can and check to see how full it was first before I added it. So I took his advice and did this. I take the gage back in and show it to him and it was showing the half way mark in the green area on the gage. I ask him if this was ok to add the A/C fluid. He then told me it would be just fine that I wont have any problems because I bought the small can and not the large can. This is when I went outside and Hooked the hose and gage to my vehicle, letting the A/C coolant into the vehicle then the can busted on me.
    After me and him had our words I told him I wanted to file a complaint and he said yes you can do that. I ask him how I can do this. He replied I cant file a complaint there and I would just have to find a way to do so. He was being very rood and not very nice about the situation thus making me upset in the progress. The only thing he did for me was refund the High and Low Switch. I didn’t get any of the coast back from making the trips back and forth to Big O Tires and the coast of having them charge my A/C system 3 times.
    So again I am asking you to please help me on this situation and replace the parts that was blown and refund me for the money that I have been putting out because of the A/C problems. The A/C tech at Big O tires said he would back me up 100% and that I should not have been treated like I was.

    Date of incident 6/26/2010
    Name: David Coomer
    Phone: 270-576-2272 Cell
    Phone: 270-432-5540 Home
    Total Coast: $250.00 NOT including coast of New A/C Condenser that I cant pay for and shouldn’t have to.

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  • Ta
    table333 Mar 10, 2011

    I worked for Autozone Distribution Center, management there lied to get rid of me. Why? I have no idea.
    They acted like they care for people, but they don't they only care about numbers, being number one. They treat people like crap. They like to show they have power. My advice to you, never work there, if you do, you better look for a new job.

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  • Br
    Brian S Bender Apr 02, 2019

    I ordered a rear brake caliper on Sunday and they said would be in Monday morning. Got a call Monday Monday and said inventory was incorrect and will be in on Tuesday. Still sitting here and waiting for my part and have now burned 2 days of vacation time. What company doesn't keep um on inventory.shelf is empty, how hard is people.

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  • Tr
    Traysee H Jul 14, 2019

    I am about the AutoZone on the corner of Arlington and Archwood Ave. Akron Ohio. I went to this store to get an item for my car. The staff at this store was so unprofessional. One of the workers began arguing very loud with one of the customers. They walked around and ignored that there was a line of people. Very inconsiderate and unprofessional!

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