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Reviews and Complaints

Tim Hortonscreamer is old, stained

I bought medium coffee with half a cream around 7:30 AM on Sunday 07/27/19 using my bank card, I took the free way driving to my destination and after couple sips the coffee didn't taste right ! As a coffee drinker for more than 8 years using Tim Horton's I can tell if the coffee fresh or not but this time it wasn't the coffee, it's something taste wrong, weared taste! To make the story short I end up by another Tim Horton's after I told the worker my story, he took a look at it and we noticed that the cream is not even mixed or melted in the coffee, it looked like a pieces of sand sticking on the cup! After that the worker at this second Tim Horton's asked me to throw it away, and told that for next time I have to go back to the same store! But he end up giving me another coffee with no charge! Conclusion: such incidents can cause a harmful health issues to customers just for a worker ignorance or miss training! Correction is definitely needed !