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Reviews and Complaints

Sono Belloliposuction

I was part of Sono Bello scam, I hated to even see a commercial it makes me sick to my stomach. I was talk into going with Sonobello for Liposuction and while on the surgery table their Lipo doctor was trying to con me into coming to her private practice for what she call a a sweet deal! She wanted to give me a tummy tuck, however i was there for a tummy tuck i just wanted fat suck out my stomach. Therefore, instead of her getting the fat out i was promised she only took out a little fat and left me with the rest.

I reach out to Sono Bello but they ignore me, i even got a response back after making a complaint on social media. However, they promise me again liposuction and after they took pictures of my unfinished body they disappeared again. I hate Sonobello

Sonobello Troy Michiganliposuction

I want a refund. I know the doctor could have done a better job. The nurses telling me I have the best doctor. I'm unhappy with the way my body looks. Why say you can help but you need a tummy tuck why not tell me that before taking my money and doing the same procedure twice. I know I have a lot of stretch marks i've had 4 children I knew liposuction wasn't gonna make me a super model but it sure could have been done better all those pictures they show you. Liposuction patients and you couldn't fix the area. I called my lawyer and he told me to write this review and ask for a refund. If this doesn't get any attention we will go another route. I am so unhappy I know it could have been better. I don't want to ever go back to this place. Start telling people the whole truth. This is a warning for anyone thinking about liposuction don't ever go here. The commercials tell you $99 and buy one get one area free, and when you get there you end up out of $5400.00. This was a lot of money for me to put my trust in this company and they had 2 chances to make it right. I want my money back I had no problem giving it to you and trusting for the best.