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I am a valued customer and have been coming to this particular store practically on a daily basis. There has been a number of occasions where the staff will lock the doors 5 minutes prior to closing time which is 10:00pm M-F and Sundays. I had an even exchange and rushed to get there prior to closing and the two employees forbade me from going into the store to exchange 1 item. This was very frustrating especially when making a special trip to get there but yet they showed absolutely no empathy to their customer. I'll choose to find another location or comparable store the next time!

Hours of Operation

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    Samantha Strauss Mar 15, 2020

    You can't get mad at places that want to lock their doors 5 minutes early. Coming to a store 5 minutes before they close is irresponsible because their clock may run 5 minutes faster than yours. They plan ahead by telling you when they are open, it is your job to respect that employees don't want to work extra hours or overtime just to kiss your a$$.

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Dollar Tree verified

the store manager sucks

Poor customer service dollar tree at store 1715
Store manager named kelly...
She don't know how to treat people & I think she's doing the samething to their team it looks like she does favoritism.. & that's inleagel.. They need to move her or fired her because they will lost money eventually sooner or latter.. I see only a few people there that cares about customer services...

This is a copy of the letter I am submitting to dollar tree I had a bad experience in my local dollar tree store today. I visited the following address with my son

And we were treated very poorly:9620 fort mead rd laurel md 20707

I got in line with my 10 year old son today who is just short of 5 feet tall. After a minute wandered

Toward some christmas stockings that caught my eye (That is why you have so much stuff up front don't you... For impulse purchases). I picked up four stockings and returned to my cart to find my child

Looking for another long-long line to get into. I asked him why he was moving and he informed me that he was told by a woman (The manager) to move to another line... That the one he was on was closing. I

Protested and took my place back in line.

The cashier named tabassum old me that the line was closed and I informed her that my son was standing there before that decision was made and we should be checked out. At this point, the customer in front of us confirmed that fact to the cashier. She and the manager did not seem to care and informed me that they were taking her off register in order to stay on schedule and they would help me shortly. After several minutes had passed, I realized they had left me standing there alone at the register for no other reason I can imagine that to humiliate me. Before I go any further, I want to bring the mission statement of dollar tree into the picture. And i

Quote...;dollar tree stores, inc is a customer-oriented, value driven variety store, operating at a one-dollar price point. It will operate profitably, empower its associates to share in its opportunities, rewards and successes; and deal with others in an honest and considerate way. The company's mission will be consistent with controlled and profitable growth."dollar tree state the following as its values:

Attitude: responsibility, integrity, courtesy judgment: do the right thing for the right reasons

Commitment honor and respect for self and the company. Now if the first actions were not enough to infuriate and embarrass me, the customer, I had an interchange with a cashier that proved to me that I was definitely not valued and as a customer. I asked another employee who was taking extra cash from the drawers when the manager was going to put someone back on the register because I had waited long enough and was getting upset. She became very defensive and informed me that the line was closed and that I would have to continue

To wait until it was opened. I explained my stance to her once again and her words to me were a very hostile & what do you want me to do?" at this point I was about to leave my basket that I had spent the last 45 minutes loading and leave the store, but a customer in the next aisle put me in front of him on line and a very nice cashier remembered my from my near-weekly visits to the store checked me out. She seemed embarrassed by the whole affair and agreed that we were on line before it closed. I believe her name was m - something cuz her named tag letters where getting off anyway. I spent $45.00 at dollar tree today and left the store wondering why I had ever spent a cent there. I felt that the actions of the manager and two cashiers completely #ized the standards that

Dollar tree is trying to uphold. First of all, the attitude of the manager was completely out of line,

And it usually is. I have spoken to her on several previous occasions attempting to be friendly and have

Received short, cold responses. I have even jokingly asked her about the 20-minute long lines in the past to be told that it is the owners fault, as he is not allowed enough staff. Her actions and attitude

Consistently fails to meet any reasonable standards of responsibility, integrity and courtesy.

Second of all, her judgment as definitely skewed on this day. Had he listened to the customer on line before us instead of assuming that we were trying to "cut in" on line, she would have treated us better. Instead, she sumed I was attempting to "get over". When a storekeeper automatically underestimates the integrity of the customer, she atomatically loses customer loyalty as well. Thirdly, I believe that her level mmitment is under question as she ed to recognize a regular customer who consistently spends between $140 and $200 per month (Which by the way is a lot of money for a dollar store). By doing so, sh is turning away a very valuable customer, who by the way has friends who she will also inform to stop spending money at dollar tree. I am sure this sounds like an empty threat, but I do believe in the value of the customer and of the dollar. I only take my dollars to places where I feel valued, and have been influential in getting others to do the same. I am not sure what I want to happen because of this letter. Perhaps I want acknowledgement that I was

Treated poorly in your store, perhaps they need to get rig of her please and her rud employee named bonny, cuz she was complaining about my son been in the toy aisle I can tell you this, at this point and time, the chances of me setting foot into another dollar tree store is slim to none.

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    funnyboy Apr 16, 2013

    You should have control of your son at all times and not let them run wild in a store.

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