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Dollar Tree verified

Hand sanitizer

I purchased several 4-packs of ASSURED hand sanitizer. Once home, I determined that several of the small bottles were only partially (less than half) full. I decided to try to exchange them for full bottles, but couldn't find my receipt. After waiting in line I showed the cashier the defective product and kindly asked to exchange it. She told me I would have to wait for the store manager. After a couple of minutes, the manager, Ms. Deidre White, appeared from the office and I repeated the story to her. She told me ( abruptly) that without a receipt there was nothing she could do. When I asked for an even exchange, she told me to get in the back of the line, which now had nine people in it. I politely asked if she could take me since I had just waited in that same line. She refused. She then proceeded to open the line next to that one, and began to take every customer but me. I then asked for the name of the regional manager, which she refused to produce.

I am a long time loyal Dollar Tree customer. Last December, I spent over $200 on hats and socks for the homeless. Employees in that store are generally kind and friendly. I was amazed at just how rude Ms. White was. While I do not expect punitive measures to be taken, perhaps retraining would be helpful. You have lost a good customer for a two dollar purchase.

Lynn Fowler

Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer

  • Ra
    Ratery Mar 03, 2020

    OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD GROW UP. Just because someone did not give you want you want does not mean they were rude. I can tell that you are obviously five years old, or at least have the mindset of a five year old based on the two immature behaviors you displayed.

    1. You did not keep your receipt. So grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Accept the consequece.

    2. You do not know the difference between no and rude.

    She is not required to give you any information you immature child. She doe not need retraining, she is just going by policy. Perhaps i the future giving your receipt to an adult for safekeeping will come in handy. This way if you want to do a return you have the receipt handy.

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