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Reviews and Complaints

LensCrafters verified


The first pair was measured wrong. The person who was measuring them named Mike not Mike H. Had to close one eye, my wife made the comment that he might want to get a stronger pair of glasses he said "these aren't real glass" to which she said "you might want to think about getting a real pair." The second pair came in with the correct measurements but both the lenses were scratched. At this point we felt as if something should be done as this is the second pair that has to go back - we were given 50.00 off the order. The THIRD pair was ORDERED with THE FIRST BAD MEASUREMENT's. This is now the fourth time trying to remake one prescription. All they did was apologize and said we can remake them and hope this is it. Is this such a corporation that people are not allowed to compensate for careless human mistakes? We have invested four trips at over an hour each time. Mike H was amazing with taking the time to get the measurements correct. We felt as if his hands were tied to even to offer some kind of I am sorry here's what I can do... we are now waiting on the fourth pair and are upset with ourselves for even given LensCrafters another chance. We feel a big name like LensCrafters should care more about the customer satisfaction then the profit you make.
Gregory and Lisa Swaine