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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified


I went in the store and the place is a mess and the shelf's are nasty they have mud caked on it is very disgusting if you don't do anything about it I will report it to the bbb they will take care of it you have food their and it's a health issue you need to train your employees how to clean it's like that a mess in almost every store you go in. Its not far to the customers come in and see this


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    TheManager Oct 22, 2019

    The BBB?! Oh no! Lmao. Stfu

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    Ifpthenq Oct 22, 2019

    @TheManager When your break is over, put down that Glade and go grab a mop like a good boy. That's how you can move up to cashier!

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    Nonyank S Nov 13, 2019

    Our store in Port Orchard is the same way, a filthy hodge podge mess which is directly due to poor store managers, the previous manager Jason kept the store clean, well stocked and nobody waited in line, even when he was on the line with corp and they needed a cashier he would come out and help out, he was always working with other employees, not hiding in an office, he was a hands on manager that had the store running like a clock, even when he was off he had trained everyone and things ran smooth, a week after they transferred him to another store most of the employees went with him or left, the new manager does nothing, 8 people waiting in line, no cashiers and this manager will often have a friend come in a shop and visit and check them out while everyone else stands in 8 deep lines with one cashier.
    Now a new Dollar Tree has opened in Lake Katheryn Washington, day four, shelves mostly bare, one cashier, 10 people in line floor is filthy and two people hiding in the office doing nothing...Dollar Tree SUCKS!

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Dollar Tree verified

overall store condition

I am writing about the Horrible Condition of Store #3808. I don't shop at this location very often due to the mess and lack of products on the shelves. I have gone there enough times to give my opinion on this location. It doesn't matter what Season it is, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, BTS the store is torn apart, I am sure it is shopped very hard by a lot of people that have no respect for the store or the workers. There is always more items on the floor or thrown all over the shelves than on the peg hooks. There are a lot of empty spots, they may have the product but who knows because you would have to dig through a mess to find what you're looking for. I am not complaining about the associates they are always friendly when I visit, I bet some even embarrassed about the condition. I think they need more associates at this location and maybe a few extra visits from home office if you even do this. I bet the store manager would appreciate some extra help. Perhaps have a group of associates from other locations go there and blitz it out. Help these poor people working at this location and hire them some more workers then customers won't be able to act like such pigs and messing up the store. This is the only location I have seen in this shape. I wish I took some pictures for you but I didn't.