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Reviews and Complaints

Lowes, Lowell, MAinstallation of doors and windows

Under no circumstances should anyone acquire "install-able" windows, doors, etc. from Lowes. This is doubly true if you are expecting Lowes "pros" to handle the installation job for you.

My wife and I elected to replace our front and deck/patio door at the end of April of this year. We went down to Lowes, Lowell, MA and spoke with their "Mill-Work" department manager. We gave them the go-ahead to come out and measure the site and paid them $35.00 for that "service" understanding that the $35.00 would be applied to the job cost as a credit (PS that never happened FYI).

They took upwards of 10 days to come out (eventually), measured and returned to Lowes with the information. I went down to their store based on the agreed upon date to place our order 4 times land never seemed to be able to accommplish that goal. There was always an excuse why it couldn't be done with a request to call and make an appointment. We did, three more times only to find that the fellow who was to get the paperwork was always with a customer and unable to see us. We waited and waited - seemingly "forever" and never saw him that day. We asked when we could go down and finally order the doors. And we never got a straight answer. Even dates with the manager didn't clear us for a trouble free purchase. Everything at Lowes Lowell seems to be messed up with Managers jumping from taking care of appointments to handling anyone or everyone who comes over to their area. They jump from one to another and seemingly "forget" that we were there. What a disaster way to handle customers.

When we finally sat down with the designated manager, I was told that I had to come back as the paperwork seemed to be lost. We did come back 3 times over a 10 day period, finally connecting with the assistant store manager, John D., who discussed different door options and recommended two doors which would fit our condo. We said OK. Then we gave them the info they needed to get the OK from the condo board so a permit could be sourced and the job completed.

Now the doors were, supposedly, ordered. We were told that the doors would take 21 days (plus) and, if they arrived damaged, it might be double that length of time to get replacement as "each door was "customized". So we waited, and waited, and waited - calling the assistant store manager, talking with their installation department over and over again over a 4 week period - NOT 21 days. Now we're into our 60th day after we placed our order. For 4-doors (BIG DEAL)?????

The doors arrived (undamaged thank the Lord) and we were told that the installer would call and schedule the install. Then we waited and waited and waited - calling the Lowes assistant store manager to inquire why we hadn't heard from him. Eventually 10 days later, we received that callback stating that the installer was ill/sick and although we had a serious problems with the ol' doors, it wouldn't be until the end of July (3+ months later. The 1st date he could install the doors would be the end of the month of July. And we would be the 1st job he's done in the past 3-4 weeks. Great news.

So we call the assistant store manager and find out that this installer was the ONLY INSTALLER that Lowes Lowell, MA "had" in its list of approved contractors. No "fall back position".

My wife and I intended to acquire 10 replacement windows for our condo once we were confident that the Lowes experience went well. We "gave up" on Lowes and proceeded to go to HOME DEPOT (Tewksbury, MA) where we ordered 10 windows by phone - to arrange for a no-cost quotation. We found that Home Depot was the most organized, well managed and logical company to work with - and once the "go" decision had been made, we were given a INSTALL date of 4 weeks from the date of the order - that day that the fellow came to measure. THERE WAS NO COST for the quotation. Since that time I've been called by Home Depot twice (in 4 days) with a clear definition of what was to happen, when it was to happen and when the final installation would be complete (early August). I give this information to show what a HUGE DIFFERENCE exists between LOWES and HOME DEPOT.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LOWES. Their systems don't work, their managers and line staff are frustrated at the problems this lack of systems causes and only have the option of "making excuses" over and over again. Unless you have a desire for pain, Home Depot is a better choice.

GUESS WHAT? I do not work for Home Depot or anyone else in the DIY (Do It Yourself) Industry.