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Reviews and Complaints

raw uncooked pizza

My family and I ordered 2 large specialty pizzas for the coupon price of 21.99 and was over charged to begin with and then treated very rudely by the person taking the order.The order was made at 9:45 pm at 10:02 we were called by them.The co-worker once again rudely spoke to us telling us we need to come get our food so she can lock the doors.Well that was not a problem for us we get there and she charges 5 dollars more than the coupon had stated and again we were rudely spoke to, needless to say I paid and went home so that I could feed my family.(me, two young children, and a six month pregnant women){keep that in mind now}The expectant mother ate one slice noticing something didn't taste right thanking it was just her so she went ahead and ate, my 10 year old daughter pointed out to us during her first slice the pizza that it was very raw {you could seriously mold your own pizza out of the uncooked pizza} not only was the dough not cooked neither were the toppings.Now the 5 year old ate her first and only peice before we discovered this and so did the expectant mom.We called to let the manager know about it at 10:20 and once again rude service and before we could finish letting her know our info. she rudely hung up the phone.Now we have two food sick people in the house thanks to improper service.

  • Digitally Feb 15, 2011

    I have experienced this from Pizza Hut. It was a delivery order. Not only was the pizza very 'doughy' but the vegetables were also not cooked [Crunchy raw onions, crunchy raw peppers] AND it was the wrong TYPE of pizza. In other words, everything with it was just wrong. :)

    What makes my experience memorable is that when I called to tell them, I asked to speak with the Manager whereby she told me I would have to pay a 'delivery fee' to have a good pizza delivered! I was astounded at that 'policy' because I'd already paid for a cooked pizza and had tipped the driver. I managed to reason with her sensibility despite her pleas that it 'was policy' and did get a good pizza on the 2nd go round.

    This was back in 1996 so hopefully their 'policy' has changed.

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