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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar TreeThe Store on 715 East 47th Street Chgo, IL 60653

I visited the store yesterday (3/24/20) and the store is dirty from entry to back door. The store lighting is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. The store shelves are always sloppy and many boxes on the floor. This didn't just start due to health crisis this store and on the store at 11618 Marshfield Ave Chgo, IL 60643 are the two worse stores I have seen.

It is unacceptable that you continue to allow these stores to look like war zones. It seems you do not care about these stores! Why is the district manager not doing more to ensure these stores are shoppable? Why is the district manager not ensuring the stores are clean? Why isn't corporate doing more to ensure stores in Chgo not suburbs are just as shoppable as the stores in the suburbs?

Your stores in the inner city of Chicago and terrible in terms of appearance, inventory, personnel and shop ability.

I will be making a formal complaint to the Chgo Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chgo Alderman Pat Dowell.