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Dollar Tree verified

manager judy

I was there today [protected] around 4:30pm with my great-granddaughter and daughter in law, My grandbaby picked up a small ball in a wrong part of the store and asked me to put it back where it belongs. So i tose it over the shelf to my daughter in law to put it back, Yes that was wrong for so many reasons, especially that it was not a good example for my 3 yr.old, besides the dangers of hitting someone. Here comes Judy ? who i was told was the manager YELLING " lady do not do that, you could hurt someone, ect ect "i said i'm sorry your right to which she kept yelling over my apology. I got so angry at how she was yelling I walk away to calm down, came back and apologize again and told her not to yell when she had something to say, come up to a person and calmly state her concern. She just kept yelling, So unprofessional for a so-called manager. I know of a few customers who have had issues in the past with her big mouth. She yells at people. In the store was another senior citizen customer who stopped me and told me that person yelled at her last week, ''to get back to the end of the line'', when all she wanted to do was ask a question. The senior citizen said she gave her a lesson about respect. Customers are not suppose to give sensitivity lessons to your employees. Everytime i go there are new girls all the time, Jeez i wonder why? I take giving complaints very seriously as i do a praise reports on a good employee. Maybe she thinks she can yell at old people..SO SO SAD...
Sincerely Celsa Flores

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    TheManager Jul 19, 2019

    So you’re throwing merchandise in a store and she’s in the wrong? Get over yourself.

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