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Reviews and Complaints

Wendy'scompliance with location requirement in ada (americans with disabilities act)

The Wendy's at 424 Schmale Carole Stream does not conform to the parking requirements of the ADA. Further the handicap parking is unsafe for the handicap. The handicap parking is in a remote part of the lot where the paving is degraded and requires a long walk across an area which is the exit from the drive through where cars are in a hurry to leave. There is a row of parking spaces much closer to the entrance where the distance across the traffic and the paving is much better. You would lose in a law suite. Please correct this situation or I will be forced to file a grievance.

I enjoy Wendy's and would very much appreciate your action to correct this:

James Borchering
0N741 Prince Crossing RD
West Chicago, IL 60185

  • SubSquirrel Jul 31, 2019

    A “law suite?” You’d win in a law office and not a courtroom?

    The ADA doesn’t give requirements for businesses that include how close you must park to the entrance. Generally they are very close and near entrances and exits.

    If you require a handicapped and not handicap parking space, learn how to spell it. You aren’t handicap but handicapped. Disabled is the correct term.

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