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Redemption of Voucher

I understand that I have some responsibility in this matter as I am trying to redeem a voucher/certificate that has an expiration date of 1/11/2019. I had stayed at a La Quinta in Roswell, Goergia. I was traveling for during my birthday and had a package that was delivered to the hotel that I was staying at for a time period of 4 weeks. During that time knowing I was to recieve the package I asked the front desk for 4 days if the package had arrived each time being told that no it had not. On the fifth day I was informed by the sender that it had been returned to them. When I ask the front desk they then informed me that they had sent the package back. Frustrated with the events, the General Manager gave me a free voucher for a one night stay good for one room, one night, tax included. Pleased with the result I moved on about my life. Unfortunately I thought I had lost the voucher until I found it in my truck. Hoping that I could still used the voucher on a new trip in OKC, OK I approached the desk to be told they would not honor it as it was expired (understood) and that they were now owned by Wyndom (not understood as it is still branded as a La Quinta). She recommended that I reach out to Customer Care. I did so only to get told that there was nothing they could do either and then asked to call reservations. I did so but unable to make any headway as they wanted to connect me to the location that offered the certificate. I called that location myself only to be told they do not hand these out (but I have it in my posesssion - your logo, watermarked and with a certificate number - very official) I then called customer service again to be told once again that I was out of luck.

Is this the case. Is there anyone that works for your branded La Quinta Inns and Suites that will make this right? I am baffled in part that at no point will someone make good on this offer. I too work in the hospitality industry and have for 25 years and I can't think of one time I didn't do right by the guest especially when they bring in something that was printed and handed out by my company. It's your logo, your certificate. My name was written on it by your team member.

I am hoping that this will be handled by someone looking to make an impression on doing right by the guest, in this case me.

I look forward to hearing from someone on this matter.

Thank you,

Randy Havelka Jr.

Redemption of Voucher
Redemption of Voucher