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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified

store manager

I was in the Dollar Tree 4651 Woodstock Rd Ste 304, Roswell, on Sunday Feb 16 at approximately 6:30 pm. Apparently the Store Manager had gotten into a verbal altercation with a customer. The store manager kept telling (shouting) the cashier not to wait on this customer and was telling the customer to get out of his store, because they has questioned his sexuality. The store manager proceed to call the customer a [censored]. One word led to another. All of this was happening in front of customers and kids. It was awful! Then the manager got on the phone with some one and started repeating what had happen. That conversation should have taken place in the office or a back room but not outon the floor where customers can hear. Dollar tree needs to invest in training for your store managers on how to handle difficult situations.