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Huddle Houseemployee abuse

My wife recently quit work at this location due to verbal abuse and accusations of drug use, when an assistant manager singled her out and decided to talk to her like she was a dog, made her do other jobs in the building and not wait tables, while the manager waited the tables and took the tips. When my wife worked at another resturant the managers from huddle house came to recruit my wife and caused trouble at her last job forcing her to quit so she went to the huddle house to be verbaly abused what kind of people does huddle house employ.

  • Ka
    KAYLA WILSON Mar 26, 2011

    I would just like to know if this is considered a professional way to address your employees through writing. I am pretty sure that the ceo's, and top level managers are not going to post something like this up for their employee's. I feel that it can be worded in a more professional manner so that it will not convey any negativity. What do you think? As a business executive, How would you feel if you were to read something like this posted by your manager. It would be alot of negative outcomes, because of just the way it is worded. Managers need to do a better job at communicating with their employee's and learn to pick a better tone through writing. it will avoid alot of potential problems. And please lead by example. If you don't go by the rules strictly then don't expect your employee's to, and when rules are made make sure they apply to every employee and not just the ones you dislike. If that is the way a manager operates then they are not true managers.

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  • My
    mystique2002 Jun 03, 2011

    Huddle House has some good tasting food at some great values, but a many of the echelons of management, including this one, have some serious political stigma. I can tell you for the record that Mike Ripley is one of the sorriest people, in and out of the workplace. Despite being the strongest talent in the establishment, I was always the one who was in trouble on a daily basis. I couldn't make waves with any of my co-workers, but if he had a problem with the way I was doing something, he would sure as silver call me out on it. He would actually cuss and dog me in front of customers, and he would never ever look back on it. Not only that, but one time he actually directed a co-worker to start a verbal fight with me in the parking lot as I was making my way to my car to go home. If you're asking me, his most basic voluntary and involuntary motor movements are considerably substandard to anything that is socially acceptable in real life. Most of the females that work there will complain that he touches them inappropriately. If you don't believe me, just go in there and talk to some of them, if you dare anyways. I guess he doesn't love that nasty wife of his too badly, the one that creates quite a few of the waves in the establishment. I also observed that there is one girl who works as a dishwasher, is grossly autistic, and that employees would take advantage of her on some of the odd jobs that are rightly theirs, because they are willing and allowed to. If they would do it to her and I ever allowed it, I am sure they would have done it to me. He does have a boss who is the owner, but that man never gave me his home number so he must not be too interested in what is really going on there. I guess Ripley has every key in the establishment until he either quits or dies. I dealt with the whole thing for well over a year until I was pushed to the limit, and then I realized I needed to walk away from it all before I did something that I would really regret. I don't know any corporate overseers who are interested in my story, either; of course I'm sure they still don't understand the demise of the Huddle House name. This is a shame if you consider that they have much better food than Waffle House. How is it that these companies respect the opinion of customers, but not the low-end assembly crew. Management is really not about being the big shot, but about team building. That is something that people like that people like him certainly don't get. No point in ever trying to tell him either. My family and I are getting closer to starvation, and I still won't consider ever fetching my old job back over there.

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  • Mi
    mikeymac02 Nov 09, 2011

    Ripley needs to drop dead!

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  • Gr
    grive14 Jan 21, 2013

    to whom o
    it may concern, i came in the huddle house in cheraw wed january 16th at about 9:30 am my waitress was the little short skinny red headed girl. she was very rude. she kept cussing and laughing with her coworkeds i had to ask for a refill on my tea., when i did i over heard her tell her co worked that i wasnt going to run her to death cause she knew my black ### wasnt going to tip. rather i tip or not is my business, is this how you want your customers to be treated? i also tried to call in a order to go the night before and was told they didnt take to go orders.

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  • Co
    COOGIRL Jul 04, 2013

    I hate to say this but i would sue for discrimination... rather your black white yellow or whatever your still a person and should be treated with respect.

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  • Cy
    cynthiadawson Sep 12, 2013


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  • Cy
    cynthiadawson Sep 12, 2013

    I worked for the huddle house on white horse road in greenville s.c they fired me because i called labor board because they did not pay my tip difference the manage told me i filled out my paper work wrong but no one told me this til i notice i was not getting paid my tip difference the assistant manager at the time i was hired told me what i dont make on tips i would be paid on 3rd shift the business is very slow harlly any tips made i reported my tips on the clock out computer they gave me check stub stating i recieved 200 dollars in tips when i did not recieve but 61 dollars in tips than they tell me to say i made 40 dollars a night even if i dont make it i was not gone lie they still refuse to pay my difference i dont feel it is fare that i have to lie about my wages to keep my job with the huddle house why do they refuse to pay my money that they put on check stub i recieved my pay role report it say i reported 61 dollars in tips i worked 39 hours they deposited$59.03 into my accou nt where is the other money they got on my check stub i recieved $200.00 in tips but on payroll report it show i reported $61.00 i feel as if they have cheated me and now i am stressed out blood pressure150over101 now on blood pressure medicine cant get medicine for free no more because my check stub say i made more than what i made and they want chage it and want give me my money i hope we get this resolved before i have to take other action

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  • Cl
    Clarence Hatfield Mar 08, 2015

    No One was wearing a hair net and it was down right nasty, , the one reason I even went there is the fact its NEW!!!.. The cook looked like some one shot a load in his hair, , when I saw that tI had to leave ASAP

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  • 1skippy Mar 08, 2015

    No raincoat either.!

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  • Re
    redhatterb71 Mar 08, 2015

    Restaurant employees haven't been required to wear hair nets for many years. I bet you can't even name one restaurant where the employees wear hair nets. You just picked that topic to whine about. As far as how the cooks hair looked, you don't know what style he was using and what products he used to emulate that style. You are just plain determined to be nasty. You know nasty is as nasty does.

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  • Cl
    Clarence Hatfield Mar 17, 2015

    It was actually a Waffle House, , Hair style, , , yeah right, , it was waffle mix in his nasty ### hair, , you can take up for the nasty SOB if you want to but, I will never eat at another one as long as I live

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  • Vh
    vh georgia Aug 25, 2015

    I too worked for the same company, ISA Restaurant Group, owned by Tom Feltman. I believe you, because I was not paid fairly, and my employees were not paid fairly. They were offered potential raises, and never received them, and I was done the same way before I made manager. When I quit, I only received half my pay, but I had worked 38 hours and had only 5 scheduled hours left in my week.

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  • Ca
    Carol Guffey Jul 19, 2016

    When we got to the Huddle House..very few people and the place was dirty...and wasn't very busy for the place to look like that..., food on floors..tables not cleaned .Employees..had visiters, , kids..spouses, , etc..loud and a couple came in..and sat for at least 20 mins..and waitress did not even aprouch them and say it will be a min or nothing said to them..needless to say..after 25 mins..they left..I then told the waitress, , that couple left, , her responce was..oh well..if they can't see we are very busy..and have patience, , thats there problem.., how rude..of her to even say that when the place wasn't that busy..!!! I just moved here, and wanted to try the restrant out, , but, , I will not return the that restrant..after that visit, , that was enough for me..You all need to fire those employees..and hire a new manager..and get the place in good running order...I will not return to your all..Just a heads have the place cleaned up..Good Luck, , , Concerned Custermer...

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  • Ph
    PhillymarriedSouthern Jun 16, 2019

    I ordered pecan pancakes. They were horrible. Extremely dry and tasted like they were cooked on a dirty grill. The store was dirty and the booth was sticky. The staff didn't really seem to care what they were serving. They seemed more interested in hanging out and running a daycare. Worst meal I ever had.

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  • Lo
    Lorri Lester Jul 06, 2019

    She didn't tell me something and said she did three times when I said I didn't remember she shook her a laughed sarchastically I was too scared to ask in the first place where my food was the food told me that she said it three times which was a lie so I had my cousin to do it all I can she's just mean

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  • Na
    Nanapat4220 Aug 05, 2019

    Went in tonight and they had no bread, steak, ham, strawberries, Bradley anything available

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  • Bo
    Boonesandra Aug 21, 2019

    Theres only one waitresses the cook is about to set the place on fire. They have customers waiting on the customers. I don't know who is the manager here but they don't know how to manage. I'm here now. Someone from Corp needs to come down ASAP.

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  • Ha
    Hayleeheight Sep 22, 2019

    The employee or cook named hope touched my burger in front of my eyes served with raw green peppers and onions with no gloves on while she served my food to the table on friday September 14th 2019 .

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  • Vo
    Vonte Sep 24, 2019

    Yall have a $7.99 special in the window, but the waitress says yall don't have it anymore...this is the 3rd time that I've wanted something that was discontinued but still being advertised and the waitress nor the cook wanted to accommodate and my family of 4 will NEVER eat at this huddle house again...THEYRE RUDE...theyve lost my business

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  • De
    Derek feltner Oct 22, 2019

    The cook was very high couldn't stand up and waiter had to make my food and that shouldn't of happen And then cook came out and put gravy on stove and then walked off and lefted it to burn because he was high and I come to this store three or four times a week and probably want be back

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