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Reviews and Complaints

CVS Service — Unsafe business practices during covid-19

I came through drive through at CVS Cleveland Hwy, Dalton, GA to pick up daughter's Cystic Fibrosis medicine. I also asked if I could get my Zyrtec D in the car line rather than come in to reduce exposure of the Covid-19 that has been positively tested in our community (Hamilton Medical Center, Dalton, GA as of 3/17/2020). They said I had to come in. I begged and said my daughter has Cystic Fibrosis. I come in monthly to pick up this medicine. I spoke to the manager, Kim Brunson, who I have known for years! She continued to say it's "the law". When the President of the United States also says no more than 10 people in a building. I have videoed my entering the CVS and they had more than 10 people. There are no controls in place to keep individuals safe and follow the guidelines! They did not even have hand sanitizer to use following the use of the payment keypad! I now do not know if I have been exposed and that exposure to my daughter who is in one of the danger groups. It is a pharmacy where people who are sick come to pick up medicine. I feel CVS has not followed new guidelines and has potentially unnecessarily exposed me and my daughter. I would not be filing a complaint if the virus had not been detected in our community. But, unfortunately it has. I self-identified my daughter's high risk group and they have documentation of her lung disease. There is no legal documentation they could provide me showing it was a "law". They are putting more and more lives at risk!