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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree Store Manager — Rude Behavior

Good Day. I am a small business owner and a frequent shopper at your store #5838. First I want to say thank you for staying open so business owners like myself can get things we need since ordering online is a challenge during these scary times. I was in your store on 3/24/20 at around 11:30 - 12:00. I was looking for foam board in white and black. I found black, but there was no white so I asked the girl at the checkout if they would get any white in stock and she pointed to the manager, who I have never seen there before. She stated that they have never carried the white in stock. I stated that I tried to order on line but that the website directed me to shop in the store, as online orders are paused right now. She (the manager) stated very matter of fact and in a very rude manner "What they want, is for everyone to stay home!". I will tell you I wanted to throw my items in the floor and walk out. Instead I calmly purchased my items and left the store. I visit this store about once a week, but after this treatment I will never step foot in there again. I understand that the times are very scary and everyone is on edge but we need to all have compassion for each other. I felt this behavior warranted a complaint. Whether you do anything about it is obviously up to you but I would not want someone with this behavior towards customers in my store. Thank you for your time.

Rude Behavior
Rude Behavior