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Wendy’s verified

Lack of options , restaurant oust or everything , long wait ...

Stopped by the Wendy's in Englewood, Florida last evening, the service was very slow, they were out of shakes, chili, croutons, complained when I ordered a salad that they weren't made up . The " truck was just pulling up " with their supplies . What a joke . Wherever I go, I support Wendy's, not sure after last nights disaster will I ever use again, they offered no apology just a straight forward laugh and we are out of that, nope out of that also, a Caesar salad well te
Hey are made up yet ...never in my 52 years have I seen this in a fast food restaurant esp Wendy's, and the condiment counter needed some attention, very dirty and unkept . A reply by someone would be nice

Kevin Duchemin

  • Ra
    Ratery Feb 26, 2020

    You seem impatient. Maybe you should eat t home. You may be 52 but you have the patience of a four year old.

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