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customer service

I ordered pizza from here, called to see how long the order would take because it was over the time. Talked to the maanger Ivan and he said that the driver called when he was down stairs in the lobby, I let the manager know that I did not recieve a phone call from him. His tone was very rude as if he was trying to rush me off the phone. In the process of me getting ready to ask him a question he hung up the phone saying the driver will be back. When I called back to speak to the manager Ivan he informed me that it was him and he repeated what he said about the driver, I then told him that I was in the process of asking him a question and he hung up, his response was oh.

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    cwtpc Feb 01, 2020

    You may want to speed up your process of getting ready to as a question. Perhaps look up an instructional video on conversation skills or on having confidence on Youtube?

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