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Reviews and Complaints

laptop repair

I had the misfortune of taking my laptop to Best Buy's Geek Squad at Fairfax, VA on August 01, 2008...

horrible service

I ordered a digital camera from BestBuy.com for around $240. After 1 week, I checked UPS tracking system and UPS said it was delivered, and it wasn't. Someone was home all day that day. I called UPS twice and they said they could not do anything because they were only liable to Best Buy, so I had to talk to Best Buy to get my money back, and then Best Buy would get their money back from UPS. I called the Best Buy customer service line at 888-BEST-BUY. I waited for 30 minutes and no one answered the phone. UPS called and no one answered. I emailed them through the Contact Us link, and no one emailed me back. So, with no other choice, I went to a Best Buy store in Fairfax County, VA. A "Customer Experience Manager" (cute title, as if they really care) called the number and finally got through to someone. They "logged" the issue, gave me a case #, and said they would call me back in 2 days. I said that all I wanted was a refund on my card. They refused and insisted someone had to call me back in 2 days, because that was their "process" and they could not bend the rules. The manager at the store said that if they don't call me back, come back in and he would take care of it. Of course, no one called me back, so in 4 days I went back to the store. They called and had me wait on the phone for over 30 minutes. They said they couldn't do anything, and now I had to wait another 5 - 10 days. So the people at the store and the people on the phone refused to do anything to help me. I managed retail businesses for 12 years and I tried to explained to the managers that all of this was going to cost more than $240 when it was over because I am going to tell everyone I knew. They should have just refunded my money. I was there 2 hours, and meanwhile, they were giving refunds to everyone that said anything like, "I just don't like this ...". And here I am totally ripped off, and they refused to help me. Finally, after 2 hours, they went and got the head manager of the store, and he said he would not do anything, and he made me leave the store. I will never buy anything from Best Buy ever again. This was the second time I lost money with them. They rip people off and get away with it either intentionally, or they are just incredibly incompetent when it comes to customer service. No one at the store or on the phone was empowered to just fix the problem.