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7-Eleven verified


I went to 7 eleven to get a icee because it's free icee's today because it's 7/11. I arrived at around 10am and was told free icee's were starting at 11am. So I asked for a cup, because for some reason ALL of the cups were behind the cashier. The younger female employee gave me a cup. When I went to fill it up, I realized almost all of the icee's weren't ready an still watery. Now I made the cup dirty with watered down icee. I threw the cup away an was gonna buy some food. The older female employee who seemed like a supervisor told me that I made a mess and wasted there cup. When I looked at the "mess" I made, she was referring to the icee in the drain on the table that's made for icee. I was shocked because she was acting as if I had spilled it all over the floor. Than she said I had to buy the cup that I "wasted" even though you guys only had 1 flavor that said it was ready. I told her no that I wasn't going to buy the cup I had thrown away she threatened me by saying if I didn't change my attitude she was gonna call the police. At this point I got upset an told her to call them if she wanted an went to the gas station across the street. I just want you to know me an my family will never give 7eleven another dollar as long as I have any say.