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CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthsales clerk, robert a very large man with dark hair.

Today, 7/13/2019 approximately 7pm at Upland, CA CVS-I asked Robert for a shopping cart and he was quite rude. After I finished my shopping Robert asked for my CVS card and I gave him a previous phone number that didn't work and when I gave him the correct number, Robert rudely said, "It's too late!" I was the only one in line and he refused to input my CVS number for my discount.
As a long-term, loyal CVS customer I recommend that you fire or completely retrain Robert to have a courteous and professional approach to his employment at CVS.
I decided to go to Walgreens and they were courteous and professional, they even asked if there were anything that they could help me with.
As long as Robert is employed with your company, I will no long shop or recommend CVS.
I look forward to a quick response,
Professor Gallegos

  • SubSquirrel Jul 13, 2019

    I hope you’re not professor of English. “will no long shop or recommen” should be “no longER shop”.

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