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Reviews and Complaints

Pizza Hutmy order and the missing order of 8 chicken wings.

I ordered a medium supreme, with chicken alfredo and 8 piece chicken wings. After waiting for 30 - 35 minute to get my order and no napkins. had to ask for them. I drive to noticed no chicken wings.I thought about just letting it pass. But after paying 44 dollars for a one man meal, i figured i'd better go back and get my wings. About a 40 minute drive to and from. Enoute back to pizza hut i could not resist the urg to have a slice of pizza. To my dismay i was dissappointed in taste of my pizza. Ive tasted better pizza from the lil caezar pizza. And so as i returned the pizza girl relized that i didn't get the wings she kindly gave me another order of which took another 10 - 15 mins. By this time im fed up with the whole idea and did not eat anything else at that point. Got out of my car left whole meal in car. As it sits awiting tmrw's return. And my inconvienance i was given a 20 oz can of soda. Returning meal in the morning..