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Frontier Toyota and Scionfraud and theft

I bought a 2012 Scion IQ from Frontier Toyota on Feb. 16, 2013. On August 16, 2013. I took the vehicle into Frontier because of the idling and smelling of gas issue. They kept my car for 3 weeks. In short, they rebuilt the engine. Because the car was running rich, carbon built up around the pistons. Because the specs. were modified either by Frontier or past owner, it gave the illusion that it had a lot of power, when in reality, it DID NOT! While in their care they removed all the after market parts that were on it when I purchased it, and replaced these parts with standard stock parts. (Steering wheel, back leather seats, front/back windshield, tires, front headlights, etc.) I choose to buy this vehicle, because the car performed/ran like a large vehicle, it had excellent traction, it handle the road like a race car! I filed a complaint with the State Department of Repair. I'm trying to find an attorney to assists me in this matter. When I went to pick up my car from Frontier Toyota, I spoke with another gal that had her IQ in for repairs. She told me that her car was there, because they had to replace the engine? THESE CRIMINALS at Frontier Toyota... need to be stopped! Innocent people, primarily FEMALES, are being hustled!! HELP ME!! They've received over 24K from me, for a vehicle that really didn't exist!! It was an illusion!!!

fraud and theft