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Reviews and Complaints


I am sending this feedback regarding to an experience last Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020. I walked to CVS store #8864 on Atlantic Blvd Long Beach to pick up my prescription and bought a couple of paper towels. Pharmacy doesn't have a plastic bag for me so she asked me to ask the front counter cashier. Marco, the cashier, said I have to pay for it so I asked if he would take credit card. Did not answer so I waited until he finished with another customer. Then I explained that pharmacy doesn't have anymore. He then grabbed one and as he gives me the bag, he angrily said " I don't want to argue!" So I said that I wasn't arguing and that I'm willing to pay except I didn't bring cash with me and only brought my card. He was so unnecessarily rude and it wasn't busy in the store at that time to be bothering him for it. I complained to the lady at the pharmacy who I am also not sure if she just doesn't want to give me one or too lazy to get one for me. Management should instruct their employees to learn proper manners towards customers. I go to this store almost every week for my prescription and more. Makes me not go to this branch anymore with such attitude from the staff.