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Ralphs Grocery - employee

First off let me introduce myself my name is Philip Sena and I live in La Quinta California right down the street from Ralph's market which I go there at least two to three times a weekand in the two years that I've gone there every 3 times a week I mean I've never had a problem never had any problem with your store your employees or anything as a matter of fact there be on courteous nice professional people the other night I went there got my groceries like always can I buy thousands of dollars there as well as I don't know all of my friends that live in our community here we live in a golf course community here and when I went to purchase the cigarettes lady came out from the back room lady named Vanessa apparently she was a store manager or assistant manager from another branch in Palm desert somewhere I really don't care and she was the most rude nasty hateful person and very threatening and just I mean I couldn't believe that I was in Ralph's market and have someone talk like that to a patron I mean unbelievably rude I mean beyond rude and I'm sorry to keep repeating myself but I just can't believe this person would talk to someone like that and basically I just left the store I was so upset my wife paid for the groceries which was I don't know $900 and the two bad kids came out actually 3 came out and loaded the groceries into my wife's Escalade and they were explaining to me that the ladies really you know like a mean person that she really doesn't come into the store because she's out of Palm desert I'm sorry to make this so long I just want you to get the jest of it but that's not my fault you shouldn't have people like that represent your store and I don't want to have to go to the media or anything behind that but I would like something done about maybe an apology or something if that can't happen then I'll take other measures her name is Vanessa Borgetie and I would like some type of apology or explanation why I was treated like I was which I don't appreciate and I don't think any of my friends will appreciate it there's about I don't know two thousand of us that live in the community right across the street I live in the polo States anyway my phone number is [protected] my email [protected] thank you very much

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