Americas Best Value Inn

12040 Garvey Avenue, El Monte, CA, 91732, US
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Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Innthe entire room and our stay

We checked in at 930pm, which we called ahead and let them know. We bad prepaid through The front desk is admit we do not smoke in the room or we will be fined. We walked into the room and are hit with the awful smell of cigarettes. My 12 year old is asthmatic and needed his inhaler, the front desk sorry that's all they had. The bath tub still had human hair in it, again sorry tomorrow it will be cleaned. Then we asked for new pillows because ours had foot prints and black marks all over the bedding, but nooe there were none left. The floor was covered in dirt with dust bunnies and hair clumps on the floor. There were bugs in the lamp shade, and I had 2 little boys crying. The front desk was no help so I had to find another hotel at 11pm at night and we were only refunded half. Because according to them we did check in. I have never been treated so horribly, I have never stayed in a room so dirty. That hotel room caused my son to have a severe asthma attack, and refused to give us another room. And when we asked for the manager to call back nothing. I would love my refund and for that hotel to be closed, if that is how guests were treated

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites12040 garvey avenue, el monte, ca 91732

In the year of 2018 I tried to get a job at this location provided address above. I submitted two applications for two different employment opportunities at this location. My application was ignored, but two white women and a hispanic woman I know by the names of Lisa, Christa, and Loraina were hired after me. I am black (african american). I think of it as a racist thing because I am more qualified than these women whom got hired.