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4028 Grand Ave Ste B, Chino, CA, 91710, US
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Quest Diagnostics - Blood draw

On Thursday, October 5, 2021 @3:15pm, I entered quest diagnostics off Grand Ave in Chino, CA. Two quest diagnostic workers (not sure if they were phlebotomists because no one there identified themselves or had any badge on that identified their title), spoke to me in an extremely rude & inappropriate manner. I had an appt. at 3:00pm that day for my daughters blood to be drawn & because we were 15 min late to the appt, the girl with long dirty blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail advised "you're late. We will be taking all other people before you." I was taken aback as it was very rude & she didn't even look at me. I expressed that this was not right as we did make an appt. being 15-20 minutes late (for unforeseen circumstances) is normal for anyone, but again, we still made an appt. I did say at first, fine & I asked how long as I figured they would squeeze us in between the other appt. coming in. She said "I don't know & that's your problem that you were late." I told this worker that I do not feel this is right as we did still make an appt. She started to laugh & told me "lower my tone" (for what reason she said this, I do not know as I was speaking in my normal tone of voice), because I did not want to escalate the situation & felt I was being disrespected at that point in time, I asked for the supervisor/manager. A girl wearing a white coat with black hair slicked back in a bun & also was wearing false eyelashes came around the corner & started yelling & screaming at me. Not a single one of them identified themselves or had tags on that said what their title was within quest, so I am not even sure she was the supervisor or manager that I was talking to. The two of them went as far as to tell me "if you don't like it, you can leave." "We will call security on you." There is more that they said & did & they did this in front of a room full of people & two small children. The room went completely silent. I have a first amendment right which is freedom of speech. I was not attacking anyone, but merely trying to talk to someone who understood our circumstances, but they continued to yell & scream in front of a room full of people & over me. My daughter & her friend can contest to this. That should never happen to a customer. This was the worst experience I have EVER had & will never return back. I would like to be contacted directly on this matter. My telephone # is [protected]. Thank you.

Desired outcome: For the unruly customer service I received, they should be fired for how they spoke to me in front of my daughter & an entire room full of people & other children.

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Armand R
, US
Oct 12, 2021 8:21 pm EDT

Quest acts like they have a monopoly on the blood diagnostic market. In southern california there are not too many competitors. Remember that you can always have your doctor’s office draw your blood. Just make an appointment for the start of the day with your doctor. A nurse can do it for you.
They are rude and really disrespectful of every person. They do not even do a good job. People hate them across the country. They have a low rating with their employees. That means that they treat their workers like crap too.
Invitae is another company in california. I have never used them.

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