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Reviews and Complaints

CVS verified

Poor Pharmacy Quality of Service

Spend quite a bit of money on prescriptions at CVS. A review of my husband and my prescriptions will validate this statement. I provided this complaint on 2/21/2020 on CVS pharmacy website but received no response. Website said I would receive response in 5-7 business days. Today is 3/6/2020 and I have heard nothing from the district manager or anyone from the store. Therefore I am writing you. See below submitted on 2/21/2020.

Rude, curt, impertinent, unprofessional and unacceptable service from Pharmacist Monica Cat. Store 7671 gave instructions on med and at 11016 a scolding.
7671 did not have ingredients to mix prescription and called 11016 to refill. Arrived tech said working on it name called when ready. Never told take 45 minutes. 7671 typically fills within 20 minutes. After more than 15 minutes asked if needed to return or how much longer to refill. Pharmacist Cat irritated and said had to be mixed and additional 30 minutes totalling 45 minutes. The only customer the entire time. Asked why takes 45 minutes when 7671 takes 20 minutes at the most. No answer. Was waiting additional 30 minutes and miraculously in less than 10 was ready. Approached to pay scolded that this was a mixed medicine. I replied aware since a refill. She said "NEXT TIME" in a raised voice "TELL THE PHARMACIST TO TELL YOU THIS IS MIXED IT TAKES TIME!" Told Monica am an adult. Said was going to report me to her BOSS.