United Parcel Service of America [UPS]overnight delivery aka a nightmare

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I sent a document Next Day Air, on May, 29, 2019, to deliver my package before noon the following day. This is a time sensitive item and absolutely had to be there on May 30, 2019! This is why I sent it Overnight! When I called the intended recipient on the 30th of May there was no such delivery. When I called to complain, they read back the address of delivery, which was incorrect!!! Now the man tells me that I must have requested a change of address because they are not able to change an address in the computer. So I said to look back in their records because for over ten years I have been shipping Christmas presents, cash, etc. to the address I always used. He said it was not possible and said that since I signed the label that had transposed two numbers of the address from 1451 to 1415. Well it didnt matter becausae my sister didnt get it the next day either. Even though I tracked the package all day and got the "Delivered" message, they now cannot find the package at all. When I suggested they might want to speak to the driver who "Delivered" it, that was not possible and the investigation team gets weekends off. When they fixed the address mistake and said they sent a return call tag for the package to reroute it to the original address they now tell me that they can't locate the 1415 address number. My sister even went on a hunt for that address which, if there was such a place, would be in her complex of apartments. There is no such address so logic tells us it could not have been delivered at all. But even if the driver left it at the incorrect address, why could the driver not go back to the location where he left the package and get it back?!? I then spoke to yet another UPS operator at 1-800-pick-UPS she said there is an investigation into what happened to the package. I called them yesterday at noon (already a day late even if it were sent to the wrong address number) to find out what they were doing in light of the check still not being delivered to my sister. I get nowhere, as all of the complainants below can vouch, and I am without an irreplaceable check (written by our Granny who just past away) that now robs my sister of a $12, 000 inheritance!!! That is not okay!!! How do you recover from that?!?! My sister lost her husband and breadwinner recently and she needed that to live on!!! I cannot say enough how disgusted I am but even more I am heartbroken for my sister and nephew!!! Is this getting through to you people?!?!? You are now devastating this family. I will stick to the United States Postal Service from now on!!!

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  •   Jun 01, 2019

    Call the issuer of the check and request a new one. If a lawyer handled the transaction, contact them. If no lawyer handled it, get the checkbook register and bring it to the bank. They will investigate but it takes time.

    UPS requires time to investigate matters. The driver has to be tracked down, the package may have been stolen or misplaced since an overnight letter envelope can fall between things.

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  •   Jun 03, 2019

    Ups sucks it really does. I had to send my laptop back to best buy because the screen became detached from the rest of the computer and they said they had to send it to HP for replacement. They did and HP EAS fine. Then HP sent it back ups to me when they should have sent it to best buy because they sent it to HP. Meanwhile I had no notification that my computer was back in the area! Ups didn't notify me at all. They didn't even bother to attempt to deliver it! Thank God I found out and went to pick it up all the way in MasPeth!

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