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My vehicle was rear ended in a minor accident by an individual insured by this company. Initially they did no return my calls, they said the send claims forms, that I never received. I told them that I had an estimate for the damages ($422.) from a local repair company in my town. I was told that I had to take the car to a body shop of their choice, which I declined to do, but was told that they had the right to inspect the vehicle, which is what I thought that I was taking it to this shop for. They not only inspected my vehicle for damages, but also prepared an estitamte for work that was less than half of the amount that it will cost me to repair my vehicle. They claimed that I can have the car repaired anywhere but that they would only pay the $197.27. their repair shop quoted. I have been told, after the fact, that is aqainst state law for them to force me to take my vehicle to a specific shop for a quote. I am certain that they have a relationship with this repair shop and understand that they may want to keep costs down, however, I feel that I am the one who was inconvenience by this accident and that there should have been no argument as to them paying the full amount of damages to my vehicle. In addition, the other shop is inconvenient for my repairs, they most likely do not do the quality of work that our local shop does, and it is in a location that I do not frequent.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 17, 2017 12:00 pm EDT
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This is by far the worst insurance company ever. I was just recently involved in an accident August 7, 2017 on my way to work at 4:57pm. I was traveling south bound on Chicago street approaching the intersection when another driver who was traveling north bound in her left turning lane drove her vehicle into mines. The police came on the scene and I wasn't issued any tickets, but However the other driver was. The women who was driven the vehicle wasn't insured nor was that her vehicle, I've gotten in contact with the insurance company and they've been sending me around in circles since the car accident. They ruled my car out as a total loss but now telling me that they can't move forward with the investigation without the cooperation of their insured customer. I spoke to someone on the phone today regarding thie matter and she had the audacity to tell me "I'm gonna be completely honest, if we don't hear from our insured customer we most likely aren't gonna pay out your claim" at that moment I went off ! I refuse to go back and forth with this unprofessional low down dirty [censor] insurance service. I see I'm gonna have to take them to court to MAKE them pay out my claim!

Mar 31, 2016 12:28 pm EDT

I was in an accident where I was rear ended by someone who has Unique Insurance on February 12th. I was able to speak to someone and set up an appointment to have an estimate completed on February 22nd. I have sent in the required paperwork. I have spoken to their insured to confirm she has done her part & nobody has returned her calls either. As of today I have left over 20 messages for my adjuster Laura Valum & her boss Patricia Randall. I have been attempting to contact them since February 26th neither of them have returned any of my calls. I even called the repair shop where they sent me for an estimate (a place of their choice of course). The receptionist emailed a claims manager and stated I should hear from them at the latest the following day. It has been 21 days since then. I called today and held for 15 minutes (which is nothing in comparison to my previous 30-50 min wait times) asked to speak to someone above the supervisor Patricia Randall. I was given the name of Erica Quann when I asked for her email they stated they did not have her email address and very rudely stated they would transfer me now. This company is the WORST!

Jan 13, 2015 2:24 pm EST


Same address and the same group owns them though they do have different FEINs

We were involved in an accident with a driver that they (Unique/Lighthouse) carry a SR22 non owner’s policy on. (The other vehicle itself was not insured as far as anyone can tell) They will not pay to have our truck fixed until they reach the policy holder and they admit liability. Without the other driver taking responsibility he is not covered…. WHAT?!?!?!?! The guy HAD coverage at the time of the accident!

SO, Information for others out there.

I contacted my lawyer. Thank god I actually have an honest lawyer. He said when everything was said and done he would cost more than the damages and there is no guarantee that I would get my lawyer fees and court costs back even if we won. BUT he is awesome and helped me anyway!

Contact the BBB. They might be able to help, if not they will direct you. They had me file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Since Lighthouse/Unique is stating that their driver might not be covered I also filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Transportation. (They take care of non-insured drivers)

Ask your government for help! That is what we pay taxes for!

Also, make some noise on the internet. The more people who speak out the more likely someone will notice.

There is already a piece by NBC about Unique out. It is a bit dated, but I think the info still stands.

Nov 07, 2014 8:45 am EST

I was parked in front of my home and my neighbor's guest backed into my car. Note—their car had a trailer hitch so it was more than a scratched bumper. I called the police to make a report and the cop laughed when they told us their insurance company was Unique and wished us LUCK. They do not answer phone calls or return messages so I had to be quite creative to reach someone. They gave me the name of a couple of body shops to take my car to. I looked the shops up and saw they were substandard and had terrible reviews (exactly like Unique). I said no and they told me to get two estimates and pics from both body shops. Both body shops estimated $900-$920 worth of damage and both laughed at the fact that we'd be dealing with Unique. I did what they asked and emailed them and waited 3 weeks and, once again, had to get creative to reach someone. They told me they would only pay me $530.00 to fix my car. I had no fault in this accident and now I'm getting screwed. I recommend you go to their website and read their reviews. They also have an F rating with the BBB. There was also a piece on this company on Channel 5 News about a year ago stating exactly what I'm telling you now. Why are these people allowed to sell and steal in this state? Last year this company made approximately $31, 000, 000 - isn't it weird that we are required to have insurance in Illinois but the insurance company doesn't have to pay? Something is very wrong and I am going to do my best to run this place out of business!

Sep 26, 2014 1:03 pm EDT

Hands down the worst insurance company to ever have to deal with. Horrible customer service, unskilled workers who have no idea how to handle a claim. Their voice mail boxes are always full, they take forever to pick up the phone and when they do, they do not even acknowledge what you are trying to explain to them but instead transfer you over to a voice mail which you cannot even leave a msg because its full. Plus when you do get a chance to leave a voice mail they never return your calls. Their company needs to go out of business because obviously they have no idea what they are doing.

Aug 11, 2014 7:46 pm EDT
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My vehicle was also rear ended in a work zone where the cars were merging left and stopping and going. I was stopped and the young man who is insured by these people was watching behind him to make sure he would not get hit and did not bother to watch ahead of him and wham, he hit me. I received the forms that Unique had mailed asking me to fill out and return them which I did within a week. My accident happened on July 6, 2014 and it now August 11, 2014, nothing. I was able to talk to an adjusted once. His excuse was that the kid who hit me had not yet reported the accident and they have to verify that the accident did occur. I told them I have a police report with the man's name on it and who is a complete stranger. I offered to scan the reports to them showing their client's name. The adjuster said that as soon as he talks to their insured person, they will then make a determination, that was two weeks ago and the kid sent me a text message to let me know he talked to the adjusted. I have been trying to get in touch with someone, left messages and even have my own insurance company trying to get answers. They can't get any results either, also leaving messages, no one is returning multiple calls. I talked to a female there and she asked for my claim number, I gave it to her, she told me who my adjuster was in which I told her I already know this and he is not returning my calls. She offered to take a hand written message or send me back to voice mail and when I was trying to explain I have already left messages, she hung up on me. I am fit to be tied. When I had my accident I was driving a brand new car in which I had made just one payment. It is my first new car ever and the damage so far is $1500.00 plus the collision center won't know what damage is underneath until they can take it apart and see. My collision center resent the estimate and pictures to the adjuster's personal company email so he could get it right away and they have not heard anything either. With all of this trouble I am going to dread to have to rent a car and try to be reimbursed when my car gets fixed if it ever does get fixed. Someone will fix this car and it WILL NOT be my insurance one way or another. I am a person who will not give up until there is resolve. Is there anyone who can suggest something. I am going to call the Department of Insurance in the state of Illinois tomorrow. Thank You for that toll free number. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If anyone would like to send me a suggestion, here is my email address: [email protected] Thank You. C. Wible

Jan 17, 2013 10:27 am EST

Same issue here. Rearended by there insured while stopped.

2 BS excuses from them.
A. Stopped suddenly so partly our fault. - Total lie.
B. Their estimate specs "After Market Parts" Do not have to accept non OEM parts.

Suit filed Hope they have to pay total bill plus loss of use plus costs now. Everybody needs to sue their insureds if not happy.

Nov 04, 2011 3:09 am EDT
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I too was rear ended and could get no resolution. Not only would they not pay for the mechanical and physical damage, the adjuster was downright rude and boorish. He was probably one of the rudest people I have ever spoken with and I work with behavior disordered high school students!

Apr 20, 2011 10:28 pm EDT

I really hope you have or will take the time to officially report them to the department of insurance. Call [protected] if you have not already. We need to stand up against these types of companies. They expect that we will give up or not take them to court and that's why they continue to function and make money. Please take the time to file a report.