UMG* My Adv / UMG*BuyEdgCharge credit card without permission!


I received a phone call from these marketing people, they offer a gas card- free for $50.00. It was real foggy, then they zap your charge card each month; $19.95 until it takes 3-4 months to get straight. I do not know who "sold" them my charge card # but they acquired the last 4 digits. They called about a week later to verify my order by confirming my address, I refused to give it to them and the saleswoman hung up on me, yet I have received 2 monthly charges. My credit card said they can't do anything about this...??? We need to guard ourselves with our last 4 digits!!! Here are the phone numbers [protected]. Watch out for this company!


  • Kr
    Krana Jan 03, 2007

    I've been trying to reach this f*****g merchant but no one's picking up. while doing so, i tried to look up the company (since I'm totally not familiar with the name) and chanced upon this site/your complaint.

    So i guess I'm not alone.

    Now I'm waiting for a call back from my credit card company so i can complain and block this merchant, and hopefully get all the fraudulent charges back to my account.

    Want to know how others handled this also.

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  • Ge
    Gerardo S. Esguerra Jan 05, 2007

    I agree with "mao." And I also chanced upon this site trying to search about this company that suddenly knows my credit card number.

    I just took a look at my credit card bill and see two charges of $1 each from this company, with phone numbers given as 888-6731304

    I also complained to my credit card company, and instructed them to block whoever these guys are.

    My concern is: How did they get my credit card number?

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  • Kw
    kwink Jan 12, 2007

    Same thing happened to me. Had the two charges for a dollar appear. Then the monthly fees started appearing. I told these people no at least 6 times on the phone until they got really rude with me and I had to hang up. I never agreed to anything yet they still ran charges through. The phone number on my bill was out of service but the one above worked and they did agree to refund all the charges. Hope it happens.

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  • Ti
    Tim Edwards Jan 13, 2007

    This company called me again after charging 2- $1.00 and 2- $19.95 charges to my credit card. They are going by a different name now and the caller ID shows the phone number as 000-000-0000. When I asked if this was the UMG My Adv Company she said no and hung up. I have a Chase Card and I'm wondering if my Credit Card Company didn't share my information with this sleazy marketing company. The Federal Trade Commission needs to close down this racket and put these people in jail. I will cancel my card if they continue to harass me.

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  • Ge
    Gerardo S. Esguerra Jan 17, 2007

    I got another couple of $1 charges. :( This in spite of my telling Citibank that I did not authorize the first charges.

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  • St
    Steve Reich Jan 18, 2007

    I also have been charged by this company. It appears they "test" your scrutiny of your statements with a couple of $1.00 charges. Upon success of that, they begin to charge $19.95 monthly... two charges - one from each! I have a call into my bank and am contacting the FBI to report this fraudulent company.

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  • Ge
    Gerardo S. Esguerra Jan 18, 2007

    As a follow-up, Citibank has dealt with the questioned transactions and the company refunded their charges without my having to contact that company directly. In fact, what I thought was another couple of charges in my previous post was actually the refund from the company.

    My thanks to Citibank for their service.

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  • Am
    amber Jan 24, 2007

    This happened to me, too! (Just the one dollar charges so far.) I called the (888) number and it just rang and rang, no one picked up. So I searched and found this site... then called my credit card company (Chase). The lady at the credit card company said it looked like this merchant is a magazine sales company. .... shady ... shady, shady. The credit card company reversed the charges for me.

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  • Mu
    Muriel Hnotkow Mar 01, 2007

    I also have been charged 2 dollars on my credit card, going to check into this further, and see what can be done. They offer magazines, that you don't want, and i never got the gas card, they said they would send.

    I know this goes on, and hate myself for getting involved. Never again. This needs to stop!

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  • Je
    Jennifer Bailey Mar 13, 2007

    I really appreciate you posting this complaint. My credit card was charged twice with $1 as well. I'm such a stickler as far as my banking balance goes. When I googled UMG* My Adv / UMG*BuyEdg to figure it all out, this site popped up. I called the number you mentioned a few seconds ago, and they told me I was registered for two accounts. Now everything is cleared up! You're a life saver.

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  • Ma
    Mark McNiven May 21, 2007

    Hi, I just notice this scam company has been taking $19.95 twice a month out of my account without my permission, and I never gave them my credit card number I have no idea how they got it. I went to my bank and they gave me a statement that shows May of 2005 they started taking the money out of my account. I called the UMG*BUYERSEDGE/ UMG*MY ADV scam company, after having a hard time with them, they said they are going to send me back $78.20. I didn't argee with this so I asked for the manager finally they let me talk with him, and he tried telling me a bunch of BS, I yelled at him he hung up, then I called again a sales lady answered she asked for my credit card number, I said, "You already have it" and she said, "oh that's right it's here" I told her I was going to call the FBI on them if they don't give me my$798.00 back into my account that they stoled from me, then she turns around saying that there will be $239.00 in my account by tomorrow. So, I am going to call my bank tomorrow to confirm this.

    The lady at my bank thanked me for printing out all the complaints on this scam company, I had to use it for proof that I was being scammed. And she is going to look into seen if she or anyone in the bank can track down this company.

    I just wanted to say, looking on my bank statements with the phone numbers to UMG (United Marketing Groups) there are 3 different phone numbers 888 326 7156, 888 873 1669 and the last one is 888 673 1306

    I also called the FBI agent today so I'm waiting for them to call me tomorrow. This S-O-Bing company has robbed alot out of me and I'm going to get my money back, you can bet on that! I'm not quiting until the whole amount is put back in my account.

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  • Ma
    Mario Golden May 21, 2007

    This company has been billing me for 5 months and my credit card co. refuses to do anything about it. I am also calling the FBI.

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  • Ta
    Tanisha74 May 30, 2007

    I noticed two $1.00 charges on my credit card statement and immediately went into search mode. Another company to look out for is SAVINGSMART. Apparently, they will call you asking to send you gas coupons for you to keep if you would only review some service they have. The kicker is they stress the one dollar charge but not the 19.95 additional every month after that. Say no, be stern and hang up!!!

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  • Ch
    Charlotte Chavarria Jul 12, 2007

    I also was contacted by a company, saying I had a $50 Wal-mart card. I just checked my bank statement, 4.95 was deducted. Right below it was 2-$1 deductions from this UMG-BuyEDG & UGM-MY ADV, $ for ea. co. These companies have to be working together! I know that the man i spoke with about the Walmart card said to push any 4-digits, not to put in my real digits to my account, That is what I did, he also stated when he offered a phone card deal, not to activate and there would be no charges, because he did not believe in this co. When the information came in the mail I tore it up. Told me also that there would be no charges from them, just to enjoy the Wal-Mart card, have not seen any card. When I called the company that charged me 4.95 for the 14 day trial period/phone card, to charge you 39.95 a month for there services. She canceled the membership, that I never joined, told me that she would credit back the 39.95 already debited from my account. I ask her how she received my account #, she said from a number of data bases.

    That sell your info, every time you swipe your card. I am call the FBI, I wish I had the company name and phone # of the one that started this snowball rolling. I will be contacting my bank to let them know this has not been authorized. Jackie the lady I spoke with WAS at the "SURE TOUCH/DIGITAL TOUCH" COMPANY. I told her to let her company know that they would be getting some free advertisement, then I GOOGLED them and found these complaints. Thanks, a lot! There is another one I got stiffed $20, I will try and find out if I can get that info out, I had told them that it was a scam. Charge you for something that was offered when I ordered a book, never received info to look over, but was still charged $20. Scam artists are every where, I am turning all of them into the FBI. I will never accept anything else, via telephone or anything else.

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  • Qu
    Quaz Jul 22, 2007

    These ### took me for $359.10 before I noticed (I don't do my own books) and when I DID notice, I called raising hell with the poor sucker that answered the phone. After talking (more yelling than talking) with him he put me through to his supervisor. She proceeded to tell me, after I called her company a bunch of scamming creeps and told her she needs to find a job with a legitimate company, that she would refund 12 of the 18 charges to my account (which I never gave them permission to get into, or any numbers to access my account with... they said they got my account number from a company called Epiphany-never heard of them either!) and I said I would NOT settle for anything less than a FULL refund and a cancellation of their (and I use this term VERY loosely) "services", and to take me off whatever calling list I was supposedly on. She reluctantly agreed to do so.

    I'm calling my bank tomorrow to see if they can block any more charges from this bogus bunch of ###, just in case. If, when my statement comes in, I have not been refunded, I too will contact the FBI and do my damnedest to get this shady bunch of fools shut down for good.

    THEY ARE NOTHING BUT CROOKS!!! THIEVES ! ! And I told 'em that, too!

    I'm not an a**hole by nature, but when you mess with my very-hard-earned money, I become one VERY quickly.

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  • Br
    Bridger Jul 23, 2007

    I had this company also. I actually originally agreed to their "services" which had gas coupons with a ridiculous number of stipulations.

    I noticed the charges the first month.

    After being on hold for 15 minutes, I talked to a girl and said "I have an account with your company I would like to immediately cancel your services."

    She then issued a $41 credit to my account.

    It's important that if any company contacts you with these "services" that you stay on top of it and also check your billing statement each month. I'll be honest, I don't keep track of every little detail on my credit cards, but every 3-4 months I'll just stop using one, and if I see any odd charges I deal with it.

    Some people have been legitimately ripped off by this company. Other people just weren't happy with their "service" and just forgot about them, since the company doesn't actually do anything. I'm amazed that I actually got a $41 refund without asking.

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  • Mj
    mj Jul 29, 2007

    I am fuming. I just checked our bank account and we got hit for 2 charges of $19.95. My husband and I were wracking our brains trying to figure out where these charges had come from and if we had used our bank cards . We are trying very hard to buy a home and are counting every cent. This company overdrew our bank account and you can bet they will be hearing from us in the morning. We have NO IDEA HOW THEY EVEN GOT A HOLD OF OUR BANKCARD NUMBER. We don't know anything about this company or their so called services. But I also got weird phone call last week about some sweepstakes and we gave NO INFO OUT and Hung up on the telemarketers. I agree that this company should be put out of business as well.

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  • Aa
    Aaron Hathaway Aug 17, 2007

    I started getting calls from this company offering me free* gas coupons. They told me they were a partner with my bank and asked for me by name and gave me my address. I explained to them that I had moved from that address (moved from California to Florida) and they told me that the offer wasn't valid where I lived now. A couple months later I get the same call which I interrupted the opening spiel since I was on my way out the door. The third time they called I asked them why they still had my old address since I had already updated my address with the bank, they told me that they didn't work "for" the bank but were a "partner" of theirs or some such nonsense. I finally agreed to take the service after I was assured that the program was available nation wide. We verified my NEW address 3 times and I made sure to get all the info I would need to cancel if I needed to. The $1 charges didn't show up until a month later, 6 weeks after that I'm slammed with two charges for $19.95 and guess what, I never did get those coupons... I'm betting they sent them to my old address, which just so happens to be 3,000 miles from my current address.

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  • Jo
    Joanna Johnston Sep 11, 2007

    Yep, they called me too. Wonder why they haven't been shut down yet. I got the 2 $1.00 charges and started searching. Sure enough, I found this just like the rest of you. I called them, got a hold of them without a problem, and told them I wanted to cancel my membership. I asked what the function of their company was because I didn't realize the scope of the scam; I didn't read the other comments. They said it was for people to get discounts on products and other stuff, I don't remember. They agreed to cancel the account. I am very much wondering as well how they managed to get my credit card number, that's scary.

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  • Ji
    Jill Carpenter Sep 24, 2007

    Get a load of this!!!! Last month on the 6th of August my daughter and son-in-law were trying to get some information on homes in there area that were repossessed, they found a web-site that for $1 they would send you on a 30 day trial period a catalog with all the homes in your area. They where having problems at the time with a creditor, who got ahold of there checking account number and took out $800 from there account unauthorized, so they asked to use my debit card to pay the $1. So I agreed. I gave Brian my son-in-law the credit card number, but because it wasn't me they said they wouldn't do it. So my daughter called and pretended to be me. After that they not only took out the $1, they took out $1.80, then $39.80, the $49.95, all these charges they took out twice, because not only did my daughter call and pretented to be me, but when my son-in-law called they went ahead and charged us for him, as if he was actually accepted, and so I was charged on my account $185.10 all together, then September they tried to do it again. Now today this company UMG* BuyerEdge tried to take out another $19.80 for something out of my account using my son-in-laws name AGAIN!!!!!! If he was able to use my card to begin with to get that catalog how in the world did they continue to get into my account using his name!!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!!!

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  • Jo
    John O Oct 19, 2007

    Keeping this short for now... I just saw my first charge from this company. It is for $19.95 and i have no idea how they got my card number. I am on hold with my bank right now. If anyone is planning on contacting any law enforcement agencies regarding these people, I will be glad to participate.

    I will update when I have more info.

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  • Ri
    richard e harris Nov 09, 2007

    I get monthly charges, no one picksup the phone... no clue who these creeps are. They should be in prisone!

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  • Li
    Lisa Slaughter Nov 30, 2007

    similar to tanisha moore's statement above, i was called with an offer of free gas cards and grocery coupons. the only request was a one-dollar shipping fee and a glance over the included introductory offers.

    stupidly, i agreed the $1 be billed to my debit card.

    shouldve sent a check.

    anyway, it goes from there. you know the story. Two billings per month of 19.95...

    i called the number, (888) 673-1306 on my statement and was told that id been billed 4 times, not two as i had thought! I asked what i was being charged for, was told about the legal advisory service, my advisor, and the coupon service, buyers edge. To this I simply explained that i had no use for the advisory service, so why would i buy it?? i also admitted that yes, i agreed to the introductory coupons, but that nobody explained that there was a trial, membership, and monthly fee involved and had i known i would not have agreed to anything.

    the lady very kindly apologized and told me that 79.80 would be credited to my account and my memberships cancelled. i thanked her, she told me to have a nice holiday, i returned the wish and told her she had been very helpful, and that was that.

    I had no real problem with this company.

    i do not think it was the company's fault.
    Lots of companies use these tactics.
    They are dishonest, inconvenient, and these companies will shut themselves down.
    But it is not the company's fault.
    The fault is ours, the consumer.
    We need to be more careful with our information.
    Frankly, Im glad i learned this way.

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  • Br
    Brent Porter Dec 11, 2007

    I guess the idea of $50 in free gasoline was too shiny a prize for me. The person who calls will speak very quickly, and in my experience (when asked to clarify any part) will just go through the same speedy statement again without clarifying anything. I think he even very quickly mentioned monthly charges that could be "cancelled at any time" after the 30 day trial. However, when I asked about that point he maintained that there were no charges at all. $50 in free stuff will make you ignore certain red flags I guess. I currently have two $1.00 charges on my CITI-MC card and I called the (888) 673-1304 number. A courteous and helpful lady cancelled the memberships and told me the charges would be refunded. Time will tell there.

    In my opinion the Buyers Edge and the legal advisory service are probably fronts. They make all their money not through legal advice, but from duping all of us who are inticed by the thought of getting something for nothing. "$50.00 in free gas?!! I can't turn that down can I??!!"

    If it sounds too good to be true...

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  • Co
    Colleen Richie Dec 15, 2007

    There are at least four different "companies" involved in this ripoff. They don't really provide any service. They are just there to charge your credit card. I don't know how they got my credit card number. I would never disclose that info to anybody. I got the same call regarding free gift cards and a voucher for Girls Gone Wild videos, which the guy assured me would not be sent to my house. About two weeks later I received these trashy GGW videos, and promptly returned them. In May I had charges from Sure Service for $4.95, then there were three one dollar charges from UMG*BUYEDG, UMG*MYADV, and GGW Video, but these were credited. After they figured I didn't look at my statement very carefully, they started charging $39.95 a month under the name Sure Service. If you look at other postings on this website under Sure Service, there are other people that have the same charges under all these names. I believe they also use the name Direct Connection. They are a "long distance" company. If I had really signed up for it, where is my card? There is no service provided by them.

    They are only in business to rip people off. It's all a scam. I call there and all they do is put my on hold, and I get "disconnected", and they also have just hung up on me. I asked my credit card company to stop their transactions, but they can't do that, so I had to declare my card lost or stolen. What a hassle! Somebody needs to stop these rip-off artists!

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  • He
    heather wyatt Jan 05, 2008

    I got the 2 $1.00 charges and 2 $19.95. I don't know anything about this company or their so called services. I filed fraud with my bank. I have not been refunded yet having prombles getting a hold of the company.I've also had two other companies to charge my account as well umg my adv.Which are umg buy edg & ggw videos ($61.00). These company overdrew my bank account .

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  • Gl
    glen doherty Jan 25, 2008

    just got back from four months overseas, and have noticed the same on my accounts as the above complaints. like everyone else, i have no idea who UMG is, but know that they have been taking up to $40 a month from me for the last four months. tried calling their number several times, but have yet to get anyone to pick up. just talked to my credit card company (chase), and they are aware of this company, and are going to reverse the charges. am interested to know if the FBI followed up on these scammers.

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  • He
    Helen Smitch Jan 30, 2008

    I had two charges to my account one was a dedit card and I call the company and they said they would cancel my membership since I never authorize the service. They and took another 14.95 at the end of the month and they said they had no record of me call to cancel I gave them the confirmation number and they said it was in vaild. They again close the account and said they would refund both charges of 14.95. This company if UMG money Ahead. Also Had a Company names Northern LIght Corporation take 45.00 from my account call and cancel that one. But never recieve the money back. Call them again and they said I never called. They again cancel the service and said will recieve my money back. I sure hope so. Living on social security is hard enough without someone take un authorize money.

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  • Ta
    Tammy May 29, 2008

    I've recently received two charges from "MC-UMG*MY ADVISOR CALL 888-873-1669" and "MC-UMG*SIMPMINE8006347500 800-634-7500" for $11.99 each. Looking back at old charges, I've been duped in the past before. I have two charges for $1 each. For some reason, I thought that it had something to do with iTunes. (It's $0.99 per song.) I submitted an online complaint and called the company and left a message today. So far nothing yet. I will continue calling the company. To anyone that complained to the company, did they actually credit your account with your money back?

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  • De
    denise Oct 17, 2008

    Yet another DUPED person here. They charge my account AT LEAST twice a month, 14.95 and up. I can't get any answer when I call. This is total BS but I am at a loss as to what to do. Can anyone help? Thanks!!!

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  • Cb
    C. Brown Mar 06, 2009

    Starting Jan 1, 2009 this "company" charged my credit card 3 times for $14.95.

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  • Br
    Brent91574 Mar 21, 2009

    I am outraged and shocked that a company like UMG Money Ahead Call or UMG BuyersEdge Call, can get my credit card number and bill me without me even knowing who they are.
    They have billed me twice for $14.95 for I don't even know what the product or service is, and I know I never authorized it. I need to check back months of my credit cards to find out how long this has been going on.
    Lincoln NE

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  • Ja
    jap Apr 24, 2009

    I just got two charges of $19.95 from each so called company. I had this problem last year and I called them. They so called canceled and refunded me. Now in April 09, I am being stolen from again. HOW DO THESE PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH THIS???????? THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED BY THE FEDERAL PEOPLE BY NOW!!!

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  • In
    INI Nov 29, 2009

    This is company is a fraud same as crrupt politician of "IL" no wonder HQ in in a same state, I think we should all call BBB and sue them in a small clim court. Just a thoughts but I am planning to do that in a coming days in CA where I reside.

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  • Br
    Brunamir Dec 04, 2009

    I just noticed that this fricking company has been taking $14.95 from my checking account since August. I dont know how they got my account number. What can I do to get this money back? H E L P!!!

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  • Ph
    Philip.T Jan 02, 2010

    Never overlook any transaction on your bank statement even if the amount as little as $1 dollar only !
    I just have my credit card charged $1.95 also from UMG*BUYEG, and trying to make this clear soon ! Today ( Saturday) I just called my Bank first, but cannot contact UMG*BUYEG, they say they work on Monday thru Friday. Donot provide them any further of your info when disputing !

    From: Philip T.

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  • Jk
    jkhaz Feb 21, 2010

    My experience with the UMG*EDGE/UMG*MY AD scam is very similar to what I have read from others here. I was charged two $1.00 charges on January 5. I assumed it was related to an order I canceled with the other scam artists who sell the Yoshi Blade ceramic knife online. The people selling the Yoshi Blade led me through a maze of nonsense that resulted in a bill for $231 fpor something I really did not want. In that case I was able to cancel that order immediately. In that process the UMG scammers got a hold of my credit card information. On February 17 they charged me $14.95 twice - AGAIN!

    I called one of the two numbers that showed up on my credit card online statement. The "service" representative tried to sell me even more stuff. I demanded that the bogus account be canceled immediately and that my money be refunded on the credit card. The lady agreed.

    To cover all bases I filed a complaint with my bank's Visa Card representatives. They have been blocked from ever charging anything to my credit card again.

    Now all I can do is wait and see what these fraudsters really do.

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