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Ultra Green ProductsAcai Ultra Burn

It's a scam!!! Do NOT order any of their products. They tell you that you pay for the shipping, you get billed right away. When you check your bank account, they leave one number off of the phone # so that you cannot contact them. The number is: [protected].
Call them immediately to cancel or they will charge you $59.00!!! And most important of all, the product does not work! I cant believe this, people are losing their homes, jobs and everything else, and you have these scammers out there taking advantage of people who just want to feel good and believe these lies online.

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  • Ws
    WS- S May 18, 2012

    WOW!!!, I just ran across this and I HAD to say something because I worked for Ultra Green-Clear water back in 2009 and I can honestly say that we received hundreds of bottles, some with our labels but ungodly amounts of bottles from another company called Ultra Green, selling a product called Ultra Burn !! It was RIDICULOUS!! The Ultra Green Company (in Clear Water) I worked for had ZERO complaints from VISA, Master Card or any other major Credit Card Company. Also, to add insult to injury we found out that their are pathetic people out there who order the free bottles (from free trials) from a reputable Company (using several emails and credit cards) then turn around (with those same bottles) and SELL THEM ON Amazon and many falsely created web sights! I think it was something like 125 different sights were selling the Ultra Green Acai Ultra Burn!!??. Our company did however have to hire a few attorneys to battle 2 other companies claiming to be our company on line!!! Its VERY UNFORTUNATE that people are so deceitful because this creates major problems for a reputable company and OF COURSE those scam artists have NO intention of returning your money to you!!! Anyone wishing to establish an on-line product retail store BE AWARE of ALL the ways out there scam artists will try to make a buck!! This is REAL!! Its truly amazing what they can accomplish- I had no idea- its frightening!!
    ALSO...For the consumer, please know that Visa and MasterCard hold a large reserve from the company selling so they don't get stuck with tons of out-of-pocket returns which is understandable. I think you (as consumer) may have up to a year to report any fraudulent charges. Any Way, I remember there were so many ridiculous fraudulent things people were doing online that were affecting the company I worked for the investors really got tired of dealing with it and decided to close the company. As far as Dr. Ghazvini is concerned, shame on you people who trash his name!!! He is an amazing person, he was a large investor in the company because he believes in natural health and anything to help mankind!!! He has many wonderful credentials and does tons of philanthropy work and foundation scholarships. He and his family even started a school for under privileged kids and kids who just need a second chance! You can also find him and his family PERSONALLY dishing out food every Thanksgiving to hundreds of homeless people and children! He's been at that for about 15years now and that comes out of their own pocket folks!!! Thousands of dollars every year!!! He and his family are very involved in education for children and adults a like. THE GHAZVINI HEALTH Center was just completed, its beautiful and is a state of the art facility allowing students to get the best in health care training possible!!! Shame, shame, shame on any of you who trash this mans name with out doing your do diligence!! There is not a "scam or fraudulent" bone in this mans body!!!... I hope this helps in any way because I WORKED for the REPUTABLE company Ultra Green in Clear Water, Florida and I personally know Dr. Pete Ghazvini.

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  • Ms
    Ms. America Dec 17, 2010


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  • Ms
    Ms. America Dec 17, 2010

    Dr. M. Peter Ghazvini DC is the person you need to speek to about this. in the fine print it says you are signing up for a membership. ultragreen will send you pills once a month. their office is in clearwater, but dr. ghazvini is in tallahassee, fl. his office number is [protected]. his clinic is premier health clinic dont let him fool you. he is the head CEO of this company. give him a call!!!

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  • Ms
    Ms. America Dec 17, 2010

    the CEO your looking for is Dr. M. Peter Ghazvini D.C. in Tallahassee, FL. Give him a call, phone # [protected]. his clinic is premier health clinic, dont let him fool you or get away with this.

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  • To
    tom56071 Apr 03, 2010

    i complained about a collcetion agency who was harassing me on a bill that wasnt even mine i called the better buiness bureau to complain they said they received complaints before on this bill collector ok good but the bbbureau dont do any thing and if you got a complaint about e bay look out because the ceo or owner is a member of the better buiness bureau whole country is broke and crooked especally the banks keep robbing the poor and the old and sick

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  • Cy
    Cynthia Herren Jul 26, 2009

    I too, have been scamed by this so called miracal acai berry product, the company offered a free trial bottle if you paid the shipping, of course you had to sumit your credit card # to pay for the shipping. They have charged me $80. 00 for the so called trial bottle and another $80. 00 everytime the've sent one. The only thing you receive with the product is a packing slip with no mention of the cost being taken out of your checking acct. Every month. , and the kick in the head is it doesn't even work

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  • Ll
    L Loomans Jun 30, 2009

    Contact the BBB . . . Here is the case I opened. The more reports submitted the better chance we have of shutting them down.

    Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.
    Your complaint has been assigned case # [protected].
    Correspondence regarding this complaint will be emailed to : XXXXXXXXXXXX
    Please print a copy of this for your records.

    Filed on : June 30 2009

    Filed by :
    City, State, Zip

    Filed against :
    Ultragreen Products LLC
    2160 Sunnydale Blvd Ste A
    Clearwater FL [protected]

    Complaint Description:
    This company offered a "FREE" trial offer in which only shipping & handling needed to be paid for which they required a credit card number. After receiving the free trial offer and paying the S&H, I called within a week of receiving the product to cancel any additional orders. The next month I received an $89.95 charge to my credit card along with an additional shipment. I have tried for two days to contact the company for a refund and either am asked to hold or hung up on. I did leave a message in which they returned my call with a nasty response that I should read the fine print from their company Terms & Condiitions. I believe this company is association with Pure Nutrients who has the same offer for their products. I have cancelled my credit card and left specific voice mails for Jasmine (Customer Service Manager) at Ultra Green [protected] - Dial 0) to CANCEL any future shipments and void my account. Offer like these are crimes - faudulant and theft. Consumers have the right to be protected from these fraudualant offers. There are numerous complaints about this company on the InterNet from consumers who have had the same experience as myself. They need to be shut down. Thank you!

    Your Desired Resolution:
    Refund of $89.95 for unauthorized shipment of product.

    This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. You will hear from the Better Business Bureau within 30 days.

    What would you like to do next?
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  • Mr
    mr.rick0311 Jun 29, 2009

    I was called and I respnded that I didn't want their product, but they sent more anyway.

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  • Ji
    Jim Johnson Jun 20, 2009

    Stay away from these companies. They will hide behind other names and products. Be very, very careful. These companies are scams and cheats.

    FWM Laboratories
    2040 NE 163rd, Suite 305
    North Miami Beach, FL 33162

    Acai Berry Detox (Same as FWM Labs)
    3007 Greene Street
    Hollywood, Fl. 33020

    Real Technology Labs
    970 W. Broadway, Suite 83
    Jackson, WY 83001

    Acai Berry
    127 NW 13th Sreet, Suite #4
    Boca Raton, FL 33432

    Advanced Acai
    5300 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Unit 400,
    Ontario, CA 91764

    Berry Max Products
    1435 East Venice Ave. # 257
    Venice, FL 34292

    Max Colon Products
    10088 6th St. Suite G
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

    Pure Nutrients
    3280 Suntree Blvd
    Suite 101
    Melbourne, FL 32940

    Other numbers:


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  • Ma
    madinmn Jun 19, 2009

    I just looked at the steps I took to order orginially ...
    There is no additional box to check to "Agree to the terms and conditions." It is all included in one click. You have to scroll down to read the fine print ... if you even realize it is down there. These people are SOOOOO sleezy. How do they sleep at night? I will be double and triple checking that my account has been cancelled. Tell everyone it is NOT WORTH IT!!

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  • Ma
    madinmn Jun 19, 2009

    THIS IS A SCAM! They claim you only pay for shipping but it's really just a 14 DAY TRIAL. BEWARE!! They will charge you and they have a "no refund policy" as they so nicely told me!!! Read your small print terms and conditions. These people are just scammers! They don't care about their products!!!

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  • Sa
    Samantha Jun 17, 2009

    Deceptive website for acai-burn products from ultragreen products. I checked a $4.95 s&h charge for a free bottle and my credit card was charged $59.95 twice before I became aware of the fraudulent charges posted to my credit card account. I contacted ultragreen and my credit card company, plus the bank who oversees the credit card company and all supported the ultragreen scam probably because ultragreen was already paid by my credit card. my credit card company is billing me $59.95 twice plus interest even though I closed my credit card account. I never knew by checking a 4.95 fee for a free bottle of acai burn would throw me into such a scam and would be supported by the credit card company and bank of the credit card holder. I have contacted everyone and no one has done anything except to uphold this fraudulent company.

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  • To
    tom56071 Jun 10, 2009

    as the country keeps colapsing its going deeper into a depression companies all of them banks etc are going under they are all grabbing straws to stay afloat robbing everyone especally the poor and the elderly disabled they dont care dont buy anything on line go to the store direct and get your things .you have no way to recover them on line and they can disappear fast contracts and guarentees etc are no longer abide by the gov keeps printin g worthless money hoping to stay afloat and is failing the rich keep robbing this country and putting it in swiss banks save your money in a fruit jar and buy what you need

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  • La
    LaTonya Jun 10, 2009

    I ordered a free trial of the Acai Berry Pure Energy and I have been trying to call and cancel my order. Everytime I dial the number it will ring and then its like someone is picking up the phone and hanging it up.

    Also, the free trial was supposed to be for 14 days and they have already charged my credit card for the full amount and I have at least 3 more days before my free trail offer is up.

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  • Re

    I signed up with ultragreen online as well and when I checked the box saying i read and agreed to the terms and conditions, I had actually read them, and when my trial period ended I called them to cancel as it stated i should do in the terms and conditions. there are terms and conditions in any situation and everyone is just mad because they were stupid!!! if you cancel in the time allowed, you don't get charged and if you do happen to be charged ahead of time they do honor that and give refunds. quit exaggerating because you didn't fulfill your duty in the agreement.

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  • Ja
    JA texas Apr 29, 2009

    Yea, I agree also. I canceled during the agreed timeline and then i got charged 69.95 plus my bank over draft fees for a total of - 100.31. I called ultra green products and spoke to JEFF, all he kept saying thru out our conversion was : " U AGREED TO IT " . He went on to tell me the only way to cancel it was to return the unused portion, which was about half of the bottle, i don't even get to keep what i have already been charged for. I told JEFF on April 20, 2009 i would return it the next day at my expense, and did so . On April 28, 2009 i was charged 69.95 again, guess what now another -100.00 at the bank. If this product was so good it was featured on The Opra Show, Maybe they should try Dr. Phil or Dateline. After submitting this complaint, if all of the money i am out is not reimembursed, i intend to file with the Better Buisness Burea. This experience was just wrong. JEFF i didn't agree to the unauthorized charges!!! signed : JA

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  • Ul
    Ultra Green Products Apr 27, 2009

    I have cancelled this service right after I received the first bottle but continue to receive more and continue to be charged.
    I am once again returning this and will be contacting my credit card company to refuse future orders.

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  • Lo
    lois Mar 28, 2009

    I ordered a free trial and paid shipping and handling. I didn't want any additional product sent to me. Now i get a package and my credit card is charged over $59. I didn't authorize this, nor do i want the product.

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  • Ka
    Kat Mar 27, 2009

    The only safe thing you can do is close that CCard. They will keep billing you without your consent. File fraudulent charges with your CCard Company.

    Go thru some of the Complaints, maybe someone has posted an address

    "Many businesses across the country are using the same selling model for their acai products: They lure customers in with claimed celebrity endorsements and free trial offers, and then lock them in by making it extremely difficult to cancel the automatic delivery of more acai products every month, " he said in the release.

    The endorsements are also misleading, according to the bureau, and some lawyers representing those celebrities have already gone after these online companies.

    "Consumers should be aware that Oprah Winfrey is not associated with nor does she endorse any acai berry product or online solicitation of such products. Attorneys for Harpo are pursuing any companies that claim such an affiliation, " said Don Halcombe, spokesman for Harpo Productions, Winfrey's production company. Rachael Ray has also complained to companies that falsely claim she has endorsed their products.

    Consumers can check to get a "reliability report" on particular companies before purchasing an online product.

    "These companies are simply abusing general acai berry endorsements from well-known, trusted celebrities by using it as a tacit endorsement of their company and products specifically, " added the bureau's Cox.

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  • De
    Dean Eubank Mar 27, 2009

    They keep billing me 59.95. I have marked two packages REFUSED and they keep sending the pills. Help! I called a phone number I could run down and the person answering said he would pass the information about cancelling to his supervisor, who would call me. The call has never come. That conversation was five weeks ago! All I did was to take the offer of trial pills. Wrong move.

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