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Ultimate Daily Savings review: 100 voucher

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They charge you $1.95 when you call into a 1-800 number to check a balance on a card you have with miscellaneous company’s and promise you a $100 voucher that works anywhere. They send you a paper in the mail a week later and tell you to print a form for a website and mail in back to them with your name and address. The info they already have to receive your voucher. Well they never send it to you at all. $1.95 isn’t much but how many people did they get for that ? This should be illegal and they should be able to answer your calls when you’re calling another company that you have a card with.

Such a false representation and a scam to hard working people. Oh and by the way they also sign you up for at least 4 magazines subscriptions that they don’t mention to you but send you a separate letter on. After a 15 day span they try to charge your card $44.95 that you also didn’t condone.

Claimed loss: $1.95

Desired outcome: I have received nothing

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