U-Haul Internationalstorage unit

Hi my name is Tatyana Hedges I have a storage Unit in the address listed above. & every week I make a partial payment. Whether it's over the phone or in Person. For the last week I've been having a issue with this exact address about my unit. I was told as long as they see me making payments on the unit they won't auction it off. Today I called to make a payment and Riley told me to hold on while he gets his supervisor... The (Supervisor) gets on the phone and and then tells me I have either 24hrs to make a payment so that my stuff can be removed off the premises and then tells me he's not the supervisor. BUT HE TRIED TO THREATEN ME WITH REMOVING MY BELONGINGS. Yet again I was told several times as long as I'm making payments they won't touch my unit.

Oct 11, 2019

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