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I rented a car trailer for auto transport from Goleta, California to Standish, Maine. The trailer was rented on September 15th, and returned on September 19th, 2020. We told the staff at U-haul we were picking the car up and bringing the car home to Maine, we gave them Maine licenses. The rate was $55 a day, we opted for extra insurance. I have received a bill for over $2, 000 on top of what I have already paid them. How is this even possible? U-Haul customer service is a joke, and that's if you can even get someone on the phone. We've been hung up on, given no real answers as to why this is the charge for this? If they made a mistake that's on them. I've asked repeatedly for an itemized bill, they can't seem to produce one.. I have talked to ten or more employees at this shady company, not a single one has any answers or can break this down for me. Several staff members laughed at the bill and proceeded to hang up, other just keep picking random numbers out of a hat. One representative said we were charged by the mile, not the day.. This was CAR TRAILER... it even states on their website you are not charged by mileage renting a trailer. This is fraud, this a scam... If you think consumers are just going to pay this outrageous bill, you are seriously mistaken. People need to know what's happening here.. It looks like I will have to get an attorney involved or meet them in small claims court. This has been a complete nightmare.

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