Typical Dutch StuffNo goods recieved, no replies to emails


I ordered a large order of coffee pods suitable for the senseo coffee machine,
I made this order on the 14th of June 2012, and have not received any of my goods. I paid with a credit card, so the company already has my money.
My order number is 5698, with a customer reference number of 7556.
I have sent over 6 emails asking what has happened with my order, and even going so far as to asking to cancel my order and get my money refunded back to me. But i have there has been no replies, except for the automated email, saying that they have received mine, and will answer within 3 working days.Suffice to say that 3 working days have long since past with no reply.
I am disgusted with the after purchase customer service, and it annoys me that they only have the email to contact.

If nothing happens, or i have not received a reply, i will have to go through my credit card company and accuse Typical Dutch Stuff or fraud, To which they will be investigated.

I have one warning for you.. DON'T BUY OR ORDER ANYTHING FROM TYPICAL DUTCH STU[censored]
There are plenty of other online dutch stores to go through which are cheaper, faster, and where you actually receive the goods you have ordered and paid for.


  • Ty
    typicaldutchstuff Sep 12, 2012


    Thank you for your message. We have never received any emails regarding your order, unfortunately. I am sorry to hear that your order has not arrived yet. We offer various shipping methods on our website. You opted for the cheapest method that does not include a tracking number. The risks of this are clearly listed on several locations on our website. Especially when shipped to Australia, shipping with unregistered mail is not recommended. We did not force you to select this shipping method. We offer fully traceable shipping with UPS or PostNL for only a few Euros more in your case.

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  • Da
    Dacabeca Jan 09, 2014

    The authorities are investigating the case, don't buy from Typical Dutch Stuff. They are a fraud.

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  • Ty
    typicaldutchstuff Jan 09, 2014

    Dear 'Dacabeca',

    Please let us know your order number through email ([email protected]), so we can look into your order. Without that information, we have no idea what order this concerns and cannot check the shipping status.

    Thank you.

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  • Ke
    kevinyiu Jan 24, 2014

    Agree, they are very suspicious, pls refer to our case below for details:

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  • Lo
    Lozenger Feb 27, 2014

    Chlov11, Did you ever receive your order? I have also ordered a large package of senseo pods and after nearly 3 months I have not received anything. I emailed them with my account details/order number and was told they would look into it. That was a month ago, every other email I have sent them has been ignored. I'm afraid I've been scammed, and its not like I was getting a bargain that was too good to be true! ANY ONE THINKING OF BUYING THROUGH TYPICAL DUTCH STUFF- DON'T!

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  • Bu
    Burnd Feb 27, 2014

    I have ordered to value of 50 euro at typicaldutchstuff on 29 januari 2014. When I did the order I got an email that my order was is processing. But after a while I understood that I would not recieve the order. I tried multiple times to have contact with them but with the email they do not reply. Recently I came to know their phone number: 06 30905483, but that number is not in use. I WARN EVERYONE TO NOT BUY FROM TYPICALDUTCHSUFF. I myself am dutch as well and I live in Amsterdam. I CAN TELL TYPICALDUTCHSTUFF IS A FRAUD. THEY DO NOT REPLY. They are settled in Boxtel, that is a region in 'Noord Brabant' and on the telephone directory they give you a number. That number is not in use.

    Also I recently checked multiple revieuws about typicaldutchstuff. THEY DO REPLY ON EMIALS BUT THEY KEEP SAYING IT IS DUE TO THE SHIPPING METHOD THAT YOU DONT RECIEVE YOUR ORDER, now they blame us for not picking the right shipping method. Once again I'm Dutch myself and there has never been any problem with any shipping method as far as I'm concerned. And now typicaldutchsstuff says it is because of the shipping method. They blame you and then leave you.

    On the first place they did not even make it clear that 'the right shipping method' was this much important. You just had the choice which shipping method and afterwards they blame you for not reading the terms and uses. Are you kidding me, WHO THE F*** READS TERMS AND USES ANYWAY? Well I did before I placed an order and I probably over read the IMPOTANCE of this shipping method it was not clear to me. And now they blame me for not reading well?
    AND SO

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  • Ty
    typicaldutchstuff Apr 09, 2014


    As mentioned on our website and in all of our emails, we were closed due to personal circumstances in February and March. This was communicated on our website before we took any payments. ALL orders are currently being shipped and ALL pending and paid orders will be shipped.


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